Charles Harris' Diary: Week Three

PULLMAN -- Hey Cougfans! Can you believe that September 2 is only 43 days away? I thought that it would never come but look how close we are to Game Day! Down in the Palouse, the Washington State players are getting anxious for that day to come, continuing to work as hard as ever, in preparation for the opener against Auburn. One of those guys is Spokane's Andy Roof.

Time for a few answers to questions asked on the message boards. First to the one about Andy Roof on the offensive line.

It's great to have a fellow Spokane player next to me. I remember the first time I saw Andy when he was a freshman out of East Valley and I was a senior at Mead. We were at a track meet in high school.

He was already big back then and he could really throw the shot and disc. I thought to myself, I am sure glad I'm not in his class because I might never win a meet.

As a football player, Andy has developed a whole lot in the short time he has been at WSU.

He is definitely ready to make some noise and will probably surprise a lot of people over the course of his career here at Washington State.

I also saw a question asking about what linemen do while the "skill" players do the receiving drills. Linemen usually do the same thing, hone our own football skills.

Receivers and quarterbacks must work to get their timing down and linemen must be able to do the same. We have to be able to communicate and to move in the same direction, figuratively and literally.

We do position drills, watch film, go through plays as a unit -- all so that we can all see, understand and feel what we are going to do in certain situations. We don't get to play with the ball, but it's absolutely critical to our success and we still have fun.

Okay Cougfans, it has been another hard working week, and another one is coming up. Keep posting questions on the message boards and we will continue the countdown next week!

Go Cougs!

Charles Harris 55

Charles Harris is Washington State's starting offensive right tackle. The 6-6, 323-pound hoss will be a fifth-year-senior in 2006. He hails from Spokane's Mead High. An uber-athlete, he was named to The Sporting News' Pac-10 all-freshman team following the 2003 season and last year became a Cougar fixture -- in a breakout season he started all 11 games, opening the holes for a 1,900 yard rusher for the Cougs. Along with senior defensive end Mkristo Bruce and, previously, backup QB Cole Morgan, he graciously volunteered this summer to give CF.C readers a window into the world of pre-season Cougar football preparation with a weekly diary.

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