Fall Camp: Coug D-line takes two injury hits

PULLMAN -- Until today, it had actually been a quiet first week on the injury front compared with fall camps of recent years past. But the official medical report released late Monday potentially carried big trouble for WSU's d-line: DE Matt Mullennix and DT Aaron Johnson are out indefinitely. Surprisingly, both practiced and didn't appear injured at the conclusion of this morning's session.

Mullennix, with a fractured hand, is one of five Cougars listed with a broken bone of some kind. The timetable for return has not yet been released on most of the injured Cougs, and today's injury report lists no estimates.

Also worth noting, based on years past, is that it's possible some of the players with broken bones could have them casted, be back at practice in relatively short order and be ready for the opener against Auburn on Sept. 2. More details from WSU will possibly be coming this evening -- check back on Cougfan.com for updates as they become available.

The official release from Washington State shows Matt Mullennix fractured his hand during today's morning session while Aaron Johnson strained a hamstring. Both are listed as out indefinitely, as is Arkelon Hall who suffered a broken fibula in Saturday's scrimmage.

It is not known yet if Hall also suffered any ligament or tendon damage but if he did not, a broken leg could actually be better news as far as recovery time than if he had incurred a high ankle sprain, as was the preliminary indication.

WR Greg Walker (thumb fracture) and DT Toby Turpin (hand fracture) join OL Andy Roof (broken thumb, surgery) as the other three Cougs on the list with breaks. Roof, who claimed a starting guard spot this spring, is expected to be out 4-6 weeks from when he had surgery on Aug. 11.

Mike Graise has a hip flexor, Grady Maxwell had surgery to repair cartilage in his knee, and Skylar Jessen strained a hamstring. Christian Bass is listed as "No Practice" but the safety did take part in Monday morning's drills.

Among those cleared for limited duty, LB Cory Evans, and CBs Markus Dawes and Kerry Maddox.

The complete injury report:

AUG. 14:
Out IndefinitelyLuke Fowler (shoulder), Arkelon Hall (8/12 fibula fracture), Skylar Jessen (8/11 hamstring strain), Aaron Johnson (8/14 hamstring strain), Grady Maxwell (8/11 knee surgery), Matt Mullennix (8/14 hand fracture), Andy Roof (8/11 thumb surgery), Jason Stripling (shoulder surgery recovery), Toby Turpin (8/10 hand fracture), Greg Walker (8/9 thumb fracture)
No PracticeChris Baltzer (8/12 rib contusion), Christian Bass (8/11 high ankle sprain), Tyron Brackenridge (8/8 hamstring strain), Michael Graise (8/12 hip flexor)
Limited - Preston Brooks (8/9 hamstring strain), Markus Dawes (8/9 muscle strains), Cory Evans (groin strain), Anthony Houston (8/6 groin strain), Kerry Maddox (8/10 heel bruise)

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