Ramble On! Pac-10 picks Week Three

I'VE NOTICED A trend, around Week Three. I hit a joke-wall. I spend sleepless nights hoping the Sun Dirkles will lead another player revolt, another Duck gets caught with a whizzinator, another Beav is pulled over with a sheep. Yet none of this happens. Then I read it: Stabbing-Backup-Punter-gate. That story is one member of the Belcastro family away from being it's own column!

And yet the football gods don't have the courtesy to bestow this upon on one of our Pac-10 opponents who gets a bye week?! Blast, then I'm still stumped.

The Sooners come into Autzen having beat the Ducks each of the last three years. Of course, they did it with a little help of Big Red Import Motors. Now that the cheaters are out of the way, the playing field has been evened up. What does Oklahoma have planned to match the power of Jonathan Stewart? Word has it they've put diamond plating on the Sooner Schooner. Cool enough to haul a boat, but it's not going to stop the Ducks this time.
Pick: Ducks

Back in the days when I had 10 hours a day dedicated to Playstation, I used to play EA Sports College football and take the worst team in the game to the BCS title. That team always ended up being Baylor. And when they come here, even I won't recognize their players seeing as in the game I renamed them all after Simpsons characters. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume Disco Stu doesn't run for 352 yards tomorrow.
Pick: Cougs

It's becoming more and more comical to watch Husky fans rationalize their terrible football team. I heard from co-workers to radio show hosts to coaches that Washington "won the first half" against Oklahoma. Now if that isn't a funny moral victory all by its lonesome, wasn't the game TIED at halftime? For some reason I really do think the Huskies have a shot in this one, but let's face it: it isn't college football season if UW isn't losing to a WAC team.
Pick: Bulldogs

If there isn't sensory overload at the potential comedy of Dirkle Bowl I, I have no idea what makes you people laugh. Former savior of the Husky program Dan Hawkins finds himself making world record time on his way to the proverbial hot seat. After losing to Montana State and Colorado State in consecutive weeks, Rick Neuheisel doesn't seem so bad, does he Buff fans?
Pick: Sun Dirkles

I don't know of anyone outside Lincoln that thinks Big Red has a shot in this game. I mean Pete Carroll coming off a bye-week and he gets to prepare for a team that is in Year Seven of it's three-year rebuilding plan (sound familiar purples)? Besides, Reggie Bush's family has told me they've wagered over $100,000 of an agent's money on this game.
Pick: Trojans

I would go out on a limb to call the upset on this game, but that would require doing enough research to find the name of the mascot. Really, Mike? Stephen F. Austin? That Northern Arizona game still dragging you down? This must have been the showdown the ‘Cats were looking forward to as we heard LSU's fight song for the 463rd time. For the sake of humanity, lets all hope Arizona wins big as there are far too many syllables in Stephen F. Austin State for Stoops to learn and create new swear-words for.
Pick: Absolutely no one.

THE REST: Navy over Stanford, Cal over Portland State
Last week: 8-1
Season Total 13-5

Last week I went 2-2 so using Husky fans' new logic, I actually won. If we were still in the James-Hedges era, I could even boast about my consecutive non-losing week streak. Hopefully I can do better than a kiss-your-sister Saturday with picks like:

Boise St (-7) over Wyoming: $25
Pittsbufgh (-2.5) over Michigan St $25
Oregon (-5) over Oklahoma $25
Navy (+1) over Stanford $25

Have a safe drive coming in from Pullman and thanks for reading!

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From the WSU Alumni Association ...
Expanded alumni awareness and participation in the "Wear Your Crimson" campaign has begun to take hold and add to the Cougar game-day experience. This was evident to those in Pullman for the WSU Cougars' home opener against Idaho last weekend as most of the jubilant crowd was decked out in crimson attire in support of the home team.

The idea to expand on the game-day "Wear Your Crimson" campaign came to the WSU Alumni Association from 1982 alumnus Glenn Osterhout. "Traveling to Cougar away games, I noticed that many stadiums were filled with their official colors, especially Notre Dame, and most recently, Auburn. There is no reason why Cougar fans of all ages can't turn Martin.

WSU launched the "Wear Your Crimson" campaign in fall 2005.To support the program, The Bookie will sell the "Official Game-day" shirt for $15. WSU students can purchase the shirt for $10. They are available at all Bookie locations and all campus outlets, including Spokane, Vancouver and Tri-Cities locations. Shirts will also be available at the Sterling Savings Alumni Association pregame rally, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sept. 16 in Seattle, when the Cougars take on the Baylor Bears at Qwest Field (www.wsu.edu/seattle/).

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