Ramble On! Pac-10 picks Week Eight

FIRST OFF, I really would like to pat myself on the back for successfully picking the October implosion of the Husky Bandwagon. Yes, the collective karmic powers of my faithful nine readers were so strong, the collapse in the Ave Shack actually happened early, or right on cue, depending on your point of view.

While the Beavs pounded the Purples into the track, I cheered so loud I completely forgot what schadenfreude meant. I'm not one to revel in the injury of other teams' players, and I wish Isaiah Stanback a speedy recovery. But I can't help wondering how many Husky fans are secretly relieved they now have a handy excuse ready when their team doesn't win another game this year.

I was stuck at home this weekend, meaning I would get to take in another evening of Bob-Rob and Jim. Don't get me wrong, I find gallons of comedic value in listening to Walden talk about "pamper yourself in intimate elegance" and Robertson did mention the Alumni band "still knows how to hump the trombones" but I have a hard time forgetting I can't see what's actually happening and will actually start getting mad at the officiating. Sometime during the second quarter, I actually got angry at the radio and complained that No Way, was that holding call just. As ridiculous as I sounded, I still feel I had as good of a shot getting the calls right as the guys on the field did.

But I digress; I'm not a zebra or the coach, just a man with a crystal ball. One that I may accidentally throw at a moving car if I get any more of these picks wrong. I'll do my best to make sure the car's purple first.

Bruin Quarterback Patrick Cowan injured his throat against the Ducks last week and is finding it difficult to even talk. Again, not fond of college kids getting hurt, but you'd have to think the best week to lose the ability to speak is the week you have to pronounce names like Samardjiza, Zbikowski, and Abiamiri. Running Back Chris Markey has shown Cowan all the support he possibly can this week. He's gone on record saying that if his QB is showing any signs of weakness or struggle, he'll be there to provide that "extra push".
Pick: Irish


In the aftermath of the Miami brawl Sunday, talking my way out of a speeding ticket Monday, a rainless night at the Rolling Stones concert on Tuesday, walking in the room to find my roommate watching Project Runway on Wednesday, a Husky victory in Berkeley would rank only fifth on my "most shocking moments" list this week. That said, it's still not going to happen.
Pick: Bears


I've been racking my brain trying to figure out why television hasn't come to Pullman the last couple weeks, or why we haven't moved the start times to assist in showcasing the match up. One supposed reason they didn't move the game time this week is because it's actually the opening act to Monster Truck Madness at Beasley. Further investigation reveals that while WSU officials were amicable to moving the start time to something more convenient for television, Oregon officials balked as the Bellotti-Knight Uniform Design Company headquartered in Ethipoia would have had such a small window of time to swatch the colors of next weeks uniforms to Gravedigger's paintjob. Just in case you missed it, my roommate watches Project Runway.
Pick: Cougs


So does somebody want to tell me how Kris Heavner got another year of eligibility? Fact-check me on this one but I'm pretty sure he was a Junior when Jake Plummer first got to college. It's scary to think the Beavs would've won this game last year if Matt Moore only threw five picks instead of six. The smart gambler knows he's good for a baker's dozen this year, but after bringing Husky fans all around Puget Sound back to reality, we'll give him a pass this week.
Pick: Beavs


Last Week: 4-1 Season to Date: 37-9


Back-to-back 3-1 weeks have me on pace to buying something really nice, like replacing the remote control I broke during the Auburn game. On a side note, my buddy Donald, who knows nothing about football, calls me from Reno last Friday to verify my two locks of the week were Oregon over UCLA and Rutgers over Navy. He then walked into Harrah's sportsbook and bet it all on exactly the opposite of what I advised. Hope that bus ride back to Seattle worked out okay. This week, I lose it all with picks like:

Week 8 ($225)
Maryland (-1) over NC State ($56.25)
Texas (-5) over Nebraska ($56.25)
Oregon St (-2 ½) over Arizona ($56.25)
San Jose (+13) over Nevada ($56.25)

Drive safely to Pullman, be sure to bring protective eyewear for the assualt on the senses that are the Duck unis, and as always: Thanks for reading.

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