Collins is star of the lockerroom quotebook

WE'VE CULLED THROUGH the post-game quotes and compiled the best of the best. One theme stands out: the all-everything play of Jed Collins, who scored two TDs, made a series of nice blocks and even posted a tackle on special teams. Cougar lockerroom "crazy" with excitement, says Jason Hill

The words were flowing like water in the wake of WSU's defeat of Oregon on Saturday. Here's a sampling of what was being said ...

WSU head coach Bill Doba:

A great win for our kids. We've been so close, you know, against SC. We played great defense against Cal. Finally we put the two together and got some points.

(TDs in the redzone) Putting Jed back there and running the quick belly. I think Jed Collins ought to get a game ball for something, he got tackles on kickoffs, he caught passes, he blocked, and he ran the football, he got a touchdown didn't he, one or two. He stepped up and did a nice job.

(making Collins a RB) He's been a running back. Last year he was a fullback and he asked to be a tight end. We've used him back and fourth. Obviously we weren't getting it done with quarterback sneaks. We needed some bulk to hit it up in there so we put in the belly play. Actually Levy (Levenseller) and Rosy (Rosenbach) put in the belly play last week ... He's a football player ... He's a tight end for us. That's great we can bring him back off the line. He did some great blocks too.

WSU receiver Michael Bumpus:

"We tried some new stuff. We tried to get the ball to Jed Collins. We didn't really try any fullback dives last week. And it was the line getting the push. This week all through practice emphasized getting a push, that really helped. This gives us a lot of momentum going into UCLA this week, a lot of confidence. It is a great win, it is a ranked team, an upset. A little momentum builder, hopefully keeping this ball rolling so it gets bigger and bigger by the season ends and we'll get to a bowl game.

WSU receiver Jason Hill:

(How big the win) It was huge. If you could see the faces fo the guys in the lockeroom right now, it was crazy down there.

(Jed Collins) Man, he played great. He had a great week of practice, that's the part you guys don't get to see. It paid off, hard work paid off. How you practice is how you play. He proved that today.

WSU tight end Jed Collins:

It was a huge win. We came out with a good start. The defense is going to do what they do every week and get us the ball back. That really helps us, lifted us. We were able to run the ball. Dwight Tardy had a great game. Alex did his thing and controlled the ball when we needed it and overall, special teams, everybody did what they needed to do today.

(cure to redzone problems). Not the cure. Coach Rosenbach and Levenseller put in some new plays for this game and I was just lucky enough to get the opportunity to be the guy in a couple of them. Everybody has been telling us we are the worst team ever in the redzone and we took that to heart and tried to change it around today.

(TDs) Second and third career touchdowns, I couldn't ask for anything else. Once we were down there our coaches said expect to score. I was just lucky enough today to be the guy to get the ball in the redzone.

WSU QB Alex Brink (a Eugene native):

Our offense played well, the defense played well, we handled them. We overcame adversity and we did things right down the stretch. I didn't want it to be a big deal this week but this game means a lot to me, it always does and it will forever. To stick it to them like that, play well, it feels good.

We got a big win. More than the personal things, it gives our team a great opportunity, it sets us up for a huge run these next four games.

As far as a meaningful game, as toward a bowl, I think this is the biggest win for me and one of the biggest for our team the past few years.

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