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PULLMAN — Following the lackluster 27-17 loss to Arizona, Cougar players and coaches talked about what went wrong in a game Washington State, ranked No. 25 in the nation, was a prohibitive favorite. Alex Brink, Brandon Gibson, Romeen Abdollmohammadi, Mkristo Bruce and coaches Bill Doba and Robb Akey all weigh in.

Bill Doba:
"I don't think you can be too confident, ever, I don't know, they just weren't as focused. (But) they had a good meeting in the locker room, afterwards, and I think they'll come ready to play."

"It just didn't seem like we were as intense, I think you have to come to play every week."

"We better learn something from this."

QB Alex Brink:
"You know a lot of people have been patting us on the back, but we got to work hard and stick to what we know."

"We knew what we were getting into, and we knew exactly what was coming, but at the same time when you have a ton of people telling you how great you are like we had, you know its hard, and you have to block that stuff out, and we came out flat. I don't know why, I don't have the answer for that, but we kind of came out flat, and you can't have that, especially in Pac-10 play."

(on an apparent late hit non-call) "I don't really want to comment on the officiating crew, but if somebody gets hurt out there because of an officiating call that's bad, you know, so I hope the Pac-10 takes a look at it."

WR Brandon Gibson:
"I don't think, as an offense we really felt the rhythm, you know I mean, it happens. We have to fight through it."

(On 91-yard catch) "I think the linebacker, I think he was playing a hook curl and I gave him a move, I think I gave him an out move and he jumped to it. I think the safety was coming down and he wanted a pick, but Alex threw a good pass and threaded it in there and I turned around and ran to daylight.

K Romeen Abdollmohammadi:
"We knew coming into the game that it wasn't going to be easy, they are in the Pac-10 for a reason and they are a good team, so we didn't come out taking them lightly at all."

"No, this isn't too bad of a letdown, we have to take it one game at a time, leave this one here, come out tomorrow, work out, and get ready for Arizona State. We have two games left in the regular season, and we have to win those games. We are (bowl) eligible right now, but that's all. We want to be sure."

Mkristo Bruce:
"I don't really feel like we were over-confident, we felt like we were ready for the game, we felt like we had a game-plan that would work, and defensively we couldn't get off the field on third downs and that hurt us real bad."

"Defensively, offensively and special teams we didn't really come through. It's frustrating because we thought it was a game that was ours to lose and they came through and they wanted it more."

"It hurt, but it's kind of one of those thing that you have to put behind you, because the Pac-10, there's an opponent that can come up really fast, and any team can be beaten any day in the Pac-10, so it kind of taught us a lesson that we need to come out fired up this week."

Defensive coordinator Robb Akey:
"We just didn't come out and play the way that we needed to play or are capable of playing."

"When we build opportunities to get ourselves off the field, we've got to do it. That is why we have success in other ball games. We've had some good take-a-way numbers, we've had some other things that have worked to our benefit. But tonight we didn't, especially late in the game when they are running the football and we need to get the ball back for our offense, we didn't get that done. I'm very disappointed in that.

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