Ramble On! Pac-10 picks Week Ten

RAISE YOUR HAND if you were nervous. It's ok to admit it. I was too. Being down in Los Angeles, allowing the Bruins to start every drive close enough to count the blades of grass in the end zone, losing your all-everything Defensive End and your punter.

Editor's note: Due to a confluence of unforeseen events, this article was not published until after these games had taken place. Ramble On! will return in it's normal Friday time slot this week.

Given all the circumstances our Cougs faced, fans have to be tap dancing at the thought of the best second half performance in recent memory. Bossy is fighting the pain to get a pick on the 5-yard-line, Gibson catching two touchdowns and doing his best Steve Largent impression forcing and recovering a fumble after a Cougar interception, the defense getting a turnover on downs three times in the second half, and Michael Bumpus -- that kid punted, returned punts, caught passes, stitched Romeen Abdollmohammadi's name on his jersey and flew the charter plane home. To up the ante, he plans to do it all again this weekend while wearing the Butch costume.

Oh and one other thing: we're going bowling!

What else did we learn this past week? To start, we have a school at the top of the Pac other than USC for the first time since Drew Dunning did his "Platoon" impression on the 50 yard line, the Huskies are one more moral victory away from becoming Moral-Bowl-eligible and Mike Riley may have just earned himself a lifetime supply of Reser Sausage Chubs. Though rumor has it, he would have earned an additional vat of Amish Cole Slaw if he had started Sean Canfield.

But it's a new week; the Cougs are boycotting television yet again, and Valhalla bouncers are already practicing their body tosses to get rid of unruly Dads after the game.

Even though he has two quarterbacks with more than a year of eligibility left, Coach Mike Bellotti made the brilliant decision of burning the redshirt on Freshman QB Nathan Costa to throw three passes against Portland State. In related news, while I won't retire for another thirty years, I have cashed in my 401(k) to invest with that Nigerian Prince we all get e-mails from. Not to be outdone, this week Tyrone Willingham plans to use phenom Jake Locker to hold extra points. Well, if the Huskies ever score.
Pick: Ducks

When discussing the Dirkles' penchant for penalties (leading the nation in flags), the Bizzaro-Coach-K said "Everyone keeps asking me about it, but I'd really like someone to tell me what I should do." Well coach, you could start by apologizing to Sam Kell…. Oh wait, you meant the penalty thing. Yeah, I'm stumped, buddy. Stop cheating, perhaps? This game was supposed to start at 1 pm on Saturday, but it may take an extra hour or so to clear all the students off the field still partying from their big victory against the Trojans last week. The real trick will be convincing them to come back into the stadium at all after this letdown.
Pick: Dirkles

Mike Stoops makes his first trip ever to the Palouse. You know what that means? Be thankful the CUB is already torn down…
Pick: Cougs

The rest: Trojans over Trees, Large Bears over Baby Bears

Last Week: 3-1
Season to Date: 45-10

UNCLE RAMBLER'S FUNTIME GAMBLING GRAB BAG It's later in the season, the money's more intense, there's so much more on the line; yet here I am still stuck in the same 2-2 ties I couldn't shake in August. This week I look to prolong the inevitable 0-4 record once more with picks like:

Week 10 ($336)
Mississippi St (+16) over Alabama: $84
USC (-27) over Stanford: $84
Virginia Tech (-2) over Miami: $84
Georgia (-7) over Kentucky: $84

Drive safely to Pullman and thanks for reading!

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