11 youthful questions for Eric Frampton

IN TWO SEASONS AS a starter, Eric Frampton has built a reputation as a bone-jarring tackler with a nose for the ball. This season, as he piles up tackles, interceptions, breakups and forced fumbles, Bill Doba says one question persists from NFL scouts: Who is No. 37? The answer is straight forward. Eric Frampton is a playmaker who has earned the respect and admiration of all those around him.

Last week the senior from California took time to answer a few questions from me -- a 13-year-old Cougar fan -- as part of a new weekly column aimed at asking WSU players the questions adults don't seem to think of asking.

CF.C: It's the fourth quarter of the Apple Cup and a Husky is in the open field headed to the winning touchdown. There's one Cougar defender standing between the Husky and the goal-line. Which Cougar would you want it to be?

Frampton: Me, because I'm making the tackle!

CF.C: In two other interviews I have done, teammates have singled you out as being a person of outstanding character. Why do you think your teammates think so highly of you?

Frampton: I don't know. I like to treat everyone with respect, so maybe that's why. That's probably the reason why.

The File On
San Jose, Calif.

Strong Safety

Fifth-year senior

6-0, 206 pounds

Over San Jose State.

Became a starter as a junior in 2005 season. Played in 23 games over his freshman and sophomore seasons on special teams and spot duty in the secondary.

With nine tackles in the Arizona game he upped his season total to a team-leading 90. He is within shouting distance of WSU's 250+ career tackling club. Frampton has 209 stops in his career..

An all-league performer at Oak Grove High, where he scored 17 TDs as a junior. Missed much of his senior year with a broken collar bone, but still made an impact on defense with 30 tackles in six games. Named to the Western 100 by the Tacoma News Tribune.

His dad, Arnold, was a track athlete at Tuskegee University.

CF.C: What's the funniest thing you have ever seen at a Cougar football practice?

Frampton: I think it was four years ago. Coach Price, at the end of football practice. He snuck off and put on this really funny, like a haunted football mask. After we broke, he ran around and tried to scare everybody, but everybody just laughed at him.

CF.C: What's the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you on the football field?

Frampton: My sophomore year, I was playing safety (in practice) and Allen Thompson was playing running back -- and he ran me over.

CF.C: In a game when you look up in the stands, what is the craziest thing you have ever seen a Washington state fan do?

Frampton: The funniest thing … you know that guy with the shoulder pads with the spikes on them? He looks like a member of the Raider Nation? That would probably be the craziest thing.

CF.C: Coming out of high school, if our records are correct, you had scholarship offers only from the Cougars and your hometown San Jose State Spartans. Does the fact the rest of the Pac-10 overlooked you motivate you on Saturdays?

Frampton: The rest of the Pac-10 didn't overlook me -- it was just WSU and San Jose State that offered me scholarships my junior year.

CF.C: If you could be any person in history, who would you choose and why?

Frampton: It would probably have to be Malcolm X because he made an impact and he wasn't ashamed to speak what he believed. He said what he believed in, and he continued to learn, he continued to gain knowledge as he lived.

CF.C: If coaches competed on American Idol, who do you think would be voted off first?

Frampton: I think Coach (Robb) Akey because he has a real raspy voice and I don't know if he can sing.

CF.C: In honor of this being an election year, which member of the coaching staff do you think would make the best political leader?

Frampton: I'd have to say coach (Ken) Greene because he's stern, he's interested in making people better, he makes wise decisions, and he's a realist who speaks the truth.

CF.C: If you could choose anyone to speak at this spring's WSU graduation ceremony, who would it be?

Frampton: It would probably have to be Reverend Jesse Jackson, just because I have always wanted to hear him in person. I hear a lot about him. He makes a lot of public appearances, and I would like to see him at WSU.

CF.C: Given all the Cougar DBs who are in the NFL right now, who do you think is the best one to come out of WSU?

Frampton: Marcus Trufant is just a great player, and Lamont Thompson too.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Hayden Eller, 13, is an eighth grader in Chelan, Wash., where he plays quarterback and safety for the fightin' Pirates of Chelan Middle School. His addiction to crimson and gray started four years ago when he attended his first game at Martin Stadium, a Cougar win over Idaho. His father, Jeff, is a 1985 WSU graduate. Hayden has named his dog Butch, and currently is working to turn his little brother and mom into avid Coug fans.

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