Ramble On! Pac-10 picks Week 11

MISS ME? You can talk all you want about not being able to run the ball, coming out flat, whatever. But the best possible explanation as to why the Cougs lost to Arizona is this: My column wasn't published until after the games were over. While I don't quite understand the science that gets my words to your eyes, I do enjoy both having this kind of power and the fact the problem wasn't on my end.

Yea! Oh richest irony, for it was thee Editors who have in the past chastised me for my lateness of delivery in the written word! And yet it was thee and thine lackluster technology, and communication lacking, who have caused this latest foible and fancy! Ironical!

I think that's Shakespeare I'm quoting. Either that or one of my college roommates' Redbooks. Who cares. The point is...

Last week's column was available Tuesday, and still is, by accessing the More Stories link at the top of the page but I recycled some of it today because even I didn't see it published on Tuesday. So the powers that be might have to do a little work on this week's version. So, you know, revenge is mine. And one last thing before we put last week to bed and move on to the present, and just because we all need a pick-me-up, say it with me: At least the Huskies lost, too.

In giving the vote of confidence to Walt Harris, Stanford officials had been under the impression that Buddy Teevens would've been worse than 0-12 this season. And while I'm sure the Pokemon Tournament Tour has found its own Tiger Woods and would fight hard to keep Teevens, this column needs him more. I will gladly dish out 20 bucks if it will help the Trees hire him back. If not, I may just continue writing this column as if he were still on the sideline. You can't really stop me, you know. Buddy come back. We can blame it all one me. I was wrong. And I just can't live without you.
Sing it with me, people. Sing, damn you.
Pick: Huskies

Ah, Bizzaro-Coach-K. The Dirkles are the only team in the Pac-10 as banged up as the Cougs right now. But is that really an excuse? Cornerbacks have bum ankles, running backs are getting knee surgery, the punter caught the hantavirus. So what. Every team goes through that. After the season, look for the coach to come down with a serious case of unemployment.
Pick: Cougs


The last person who wants to the Beavs to go on the road this weekend is Mike Riley. Not necessarily because of all the recent success in Corvallis, but because he's waist deep in the lifetime supply of Reser Sausage Chubs he received after knocking off the Trojans. My sources tell me the Resers were also prepared to throw in a vat of Amish Cole Slaw if he had started Sean Canfield.
Pick: Beavs


I dare you to come up with something more annoying than the thought of the USC band wearing the Oregon uniforms. Even though he has two quarterbacks with more than a year of eligibility left, coach Mike Bellotti made the brilliant decision of burning the redshirt on freshman Nathan Costa so he could throw three passes against Portland State. In related news, to avoid wasting the quality years of his contract, Felix Hernandez will be pitching for my softball team. And let me help you. I thought of something more annoying: that same band directed by Lee Corso.
Pick: Trojans

The Rest: Bears over Cats

Last Week: 3-2 (would I make that up? But you can look for yourself if you don't believe me.) Year to date: 48-12


Since you didn't get to read it, I put my $336 last week into Mississippi State, USC, Virginia Tech and Georgia (stupid Bulldogs keeping me from going perfect). The inevitable 0-4 week is coming though. Get your cameras ready. This week I let everything ride again with picks like:

Week 11 ($504) Wake Forest (+9) over Florida State ($126) Texas A&M (+1) over Nebraska ($126) Baylor (+17) over Oklahoma ($126) Oregon State (-2) over UCLA ($126)

Have a safe trip to Tempe, paint the Pink Taco crimson and as always, thanks for reading.

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