COMMENTARY: Three is the loneliest number

THREE IS THE loneliest number that you've ever heard.Tonight, anyway. With all apologies to the Three (how ironic) Dog Night, the number three--not one--certainly sucks right now. Three was the key number for our ol' beloved Wazzu in this 2006 season and, as it turned out, the fatal number.

Let's examine the number three and its relationship to Washington State football this season.


First, the initial three losses this season for the Cougars came at the hand of THREE top ten teams (at the time, anyway)--Auburn, USC and Cal.

Second, WSU won THREE tough Pac-10 conference games (OSU, UCLA, UO) to not only make it the first winning October for the Cougs since who knows when, but also gave Cougfans serious plans for a San Diego (Holiday Bowl) vacation come December.

Third (irony, again!), a Cougar victory over the University of Washington would have marked the first time in the 99 contests between the two schools that WSU won THREE consecutive Apple Cups. It was not to THREE--um, I mean it was not to BE.

Fourth, the Cougs lost to a crappy (not my word, but a UW friend's assessment) Husky team by THREE points (35-32) today and, as a result, possibly canning Wazzu's first post season bowl appearance in--you guessed it--THREE years.

I had planned to write a recap of the game tonight (I already had my "THREE-PEAT headline ready to go), but, considering the outcome--and how none of our readers want to relive the agony-- I just don't don't have it in me. THREE Tylenol PM's is all I can handle right now.

But, oddly enough, as it has been through all of my life, I can 't wait for next season.

It's a Cougar thing, I guess.

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