Post-game quotes from Cougar coaches, players

PULLMAN — Following an upset loss in the 99th Apple Cup, WSU players and coaches were left to wonder about what went wrong during a third straight setback where Washington State entered as the favorite. Among the topics, Why didn't the Cougs go to the 4-3 earlier? Coaches Robb Akey and Bill Doba, plus Dwight Tardy, Cody Boyd, Fevaea'i Ahmu, Eric Frampton Alex Brink and Mkristo Bruce all weigh in.

Defensive coordinator Robb Akey:
(on why the Cougs did not go to the 4-3 until late in the fourth quarter) "Well, we had the ability to run the 4-3 as part of our game plan. But you know we've been in the 3-4 and have had very good things go with that throughout the course of the season."

"I think our kids went out there and played hard, and I just feel sick for our seniors that we couldn't get the job done for them."

"It's sickening. It's heart wrenching, it really is. It's tough. You got an opportunity to close some things out, do something that hasn't been done around here, send your senior class out."

"Big plays named the game today, yes. (And) they made more big plays than we made. Big plays I think made all over the place, but they won in the totals of them."

Fevaea'i Ahmu:
"I think we did a good job at 3-4 stopping the run at first. We had them what, like 23 rushing yards in the third quarter? And that big play just let them off, let them off the hook."

Dwight Tardy:
(On the atmosphere during the game) "We're arguing, frustrated with ourselves, it's kind of like a mess, a big scramble. (We) couldn't find a way to get it done."

Mkristo Bruce:
"Their big plays killed us. They had about three big plays that just, I don't know, you think you have a little momentum for a second then all of the sudden they come with a one play drive and take you for 70 yards…I don't know how it was happening but it was happening."

(on the possibility of a bowl berth) "That would be a blessing, I would really love another game, but we'll see what happens."

"We kind of feel like the only team that can beat the Cougars is the Cougars-but the whole game we battled and we fought, and I am proud of everybody."

"Walking in and out of Martin Stadium one last time that just, it just looked a little different this time. So, I just wanted to, I don't know, I thank all the fans, everybody there that supported us or helped me along the way. It's been a blessing to be here."

(On what he would say to someone deciding whether or not the Cougars should be selected to a Bowl game) "We got heart, and we got Jason Hill. So if you want to come see Jason Hill then pick us for a bowl game. No but, our guys, we went out there and we put on a great show. A lot of people played great football."

Alex Brink:
(On whether or not he thinks the Cougs' deserve a shot at a Bowl game) "I have no idea, that's for somebody else to decide, which is unfortunate, because we could have controlled that. But at the same time, we put on some good shows, and played well. I hope somebody gives us a shot, but it's not up to me."

Eric Frampton:
"I don't think it was so much their big play capability, I think it was we gave up some big plays."

(On bowl game possibilities) "There's a chance, there's a chance. So we're hoping for that chance, it'd be fun."

"I think the way we played tonight, we played resilient. We lost the game-there is no doubt about that. But I think we were resilient, I think we showed some things tonight on offense. Defensively, I think we do deserve a bowl game. The way we started off, to be totally honest with you, the last three games as far as the lack of focus, we didn't have guys in (healthy)…But guys are (now) back, guys are healthy…We'll see, we'll see how it pans out."

Bill Doba:
"Typical Apple Cup I guess, the team that needed it didn't get it. But I am proud of our kids; they battled, and just gave up some big plays."

"I thought 32 points would sure be enough."

"My hats off to them, they came to play and they played a hell of a game."

"I said a long time ago that we could either win the rest or we could lose the rest, but out of these last three, I thought we were going to get this one, obviously."

"When you look around at the different games and the different teams, yeah, I think we're good enough to go to a bowl game, the way they played tonight? Yeah, they played their fannies off, we just made a couple of errors."

Cody Boyd:
"I hope it doesn't end here. This is my senior season, I would really like to keep on playing, get one more game out of it and win that game."

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