Ayers: Announcement will have to wait

STEVEN AYERS, the three-star offensive line prospect from Bellingham, narrowed it down to two schools -- Washington State and UNLV -- a while back. But deciding on THE one has proved a difficult task. The 6-4, 275-pounder out of Sehome High, rated the No. 33 OL prospect in the country, also says any announcement may have to wait a week or longer.

Ayers said he also might make the decision this weekend but choose not to make it public for a week or so.

"I'm still going to try and make it by (Saturday, Dec. 30) but I'm not sure I'm going to be able to announce it. I have put a deadline on myself but at the same time, I haven't been able to get hold of people that I want to talk to before I make my decision for sure -- people who are important in my life -- so I might push it back before I make any official decision," said Ayers.

Ayers said he's been in touch with both Washington State and UNLV since he narrowed it down to two a few weeks back.

"I'm just listening for where I'm supposed to be and that's what makes it such a hard decision -- it's all about knowing where God wants me and listening for that," said Ayers. "That's kind of what I'm waiting on. It's not about where I want to be -- it's my choice obviously and yet it's not, it's where God wants me to be. I'm just trying to figure out where that is."

Ayers said another factor in waiting to make an announcement is that he wants to confer with his prep coach at Sehome beforehand.

"My football coach is out of town and I'm going to talk to him when he gets back, then we're going to set a date and figure out when we're going to announce it," said Ayers.

AYERS HAD SAID previously the three primary areas he's basing his college decision on are education, football program and lifestyle. Ayers pulled in seven offers this recruiting season -- WSU, UNLV, Oregon State, Boise State, Idaho, Eastern Washington and Western Washington. He said the other Evergreen State school, the UW, was showing significant interest earlier in the year but tailed off over the past couple of months.

Ranked among the top 40 o-line prep prospects in the nation by Scout.com, Ayers is an explosive lineman with strength numbers that reflect that. He has a power clean best of 340 pounds, a 550-pound squat and a 340-pound bench press.

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