MORE VERBALS: Cougs add trench warrior

WASHINGTON STATE TRIPPED in a junior college defensive lineman this past weekend. Seems the lad during his sophomore campaign in '06, despite being a couple big steak dinners shy of 300 pounds, was athletic enough to actually play defensive end and look pretty darned good doing it, according to his JC coach. Followers of the state of Washington prep football scene will recognize the name.

On the final recruiting weekend before LOI Day, Washington State held an Oga party.

"Oga just came by and what he's told me is that he committed to Washington State," Garden City assistant coach Brian Hill said.

Whether Oga Faumui, who came out of Auburn-Riverside in 2005, will move inside at Washington State -- and his 6-3, 290 pound size and skills set would seem to indicate a prototypical three technique kind of guy -- Hill noted he also has the quicks and athleticism more often seen in a defensive end.

"I don't know for sure what spot they're looking at him for, I can't speak for them and exactly where they're thinking he'll play...he played over the top of a tight end, he did that a lot for us and Dixie, and he stood up (on the line at d-end). He is very, very athletic for 290 pounds."

FAUMUI ORIGINALLY went to Dixie State College in Utah out of high school but when the school went D-II, their bowl opponent that year, Garden City, was where he landed for the 2006 season.

"As soon as the game was over I think we went over and started to recruit him," laughed Hill. "He's a super kid, a high motor kid and not just that way in games, he's like that every day in practice. He's relentless to the football. He has a great attitude and he's a leadership type of kid on and off the field, too. He's going to be a big pickup for Washington State."

Faumui has 3-to-play-2 at Washington State, and chose the Cougars over offers that included Hawaii as well as interest from a number of other schools.

"There were a lot of schools but he has to graduate, and that's not going to be a problem, but he's an early summer guy. He's going to take a three week session right after finals week in May and then he'll be out of here. And we had two other kids that signed to Nebraska and it seemed everyone wanted those kids more because they were going to be easier to get. And he kind of wanted to go back that way, because that's home -- he was looking pretty hard to get back that way," said Hill.

FAUMUI RACKED UP 47 tackles this past season with four sacks and another four tackles for loss and a forced fumble, earning second team all-conference honors.

"He's a very high motor kid, he plays hard," said Hill. "And his best football is probably still in front of him."

Oga Faumui profile

Faumui was not immediately available at press time Monday afternoon. CF.C hopes to talk with him shortly.

Faumui dominated the SPSL trenches during his prep career, leading the league in tackles for loss in '04. He was the Defensive Lineman of the Year in the SPSL North Division his senior season.

Hill said Cougar verbal and Garden City product Tyson Kirksey also has some work to do, similar to Faumui. Both players spent their first year at other junior colleges, and Hill said it's been a matter of playing catch up since they arrived at Garden City. Still, he was optimistic on Kirksey, that he will arrive at WSU in time for fall camp. "He's going to have to put the time in..he'll be like Oga and will take a few hours in the summertime...He did a good job for us and we've just got to keep pushing him to be able to do it."

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