SEATTLE -- Size and spirit of the crowd, coupled with Will Derting's heroics, all the talk on Planet Coug.

"How perfect. On a day when Washington State finally took its shtick to the big city, on a day when more than 60,000 fans poured into a spanking-new NFL stadium to watch the new and improved Cougars, the show was stolen by a modest farmboy whose family has yet to install a telephone." Dale Grummert, Lewiston Morning Tribune

"The best part: Will Derting being the star of the game with three interceptions. The redshirt freshman is a typical Cougar: from a small town (Okanogan) with rural interests. Derting enjoys roping, welding, hunting, and frankly I don't. He also was the two-time grand champion of Beef Fitting and Showing at the Okanogan County Fair, whatever in the world that means. I think it has something to do with a cow, but I really don't want to know any more about it than that."
Jim Moore, Seattle P-I

"Derting is a throwback Cougar. Three uncles, three aunts and four cousins, inclduing Cousin Ace, went to WSU. His hobbies are roping, welding and hunting. He's majoring in agriculture. He's as country as Waylon Jennings, and as Cougar as Chad Eaton."
Steve Kelley, Seattle Times

"As for the WSU running game, that looked more like a vintage Pinto." Carter Strickland, Spokesman-Review

"I think we shocked them. We came out and we scored the first touchdown of the game. At that point, our confidence was through the roof and we knew we could play with these guys. It was a good game going into halftime. We came into the locker room and I don't know what it was -- their adjustments or our adjustments -- but they just came out and outplayed us in the second half." Nevada receiver Nate Burleson

"Is this Nevada or a bowl game?"
Craig Smith, Seattle Times, upon entering the post-game media room and encountering a battalion of journalists.

"They came shoulder-to-shoulder -- the hearty Coug fans who doggedly come to nearly every home game and the casual West Side alums who may not make it back to Pullman more than once every 10 years. They piled into Paul Allen's new football palace down on the waterfront as if it was a two-holer at the Lentil Festival chili feed and they rocked the joint -- 63,588 strong, not a sellout but a smashing success almost beyond the comprehension of any Coug with a sense of history. "
John Blanchette, Spokesman-Review

"We were expected to get trampled. I don't think they expected a game from us. I think they thought they could look past us. It opened their eyes wide. They are a good offense, but we are not afraid of any offense. We can compete with anybody."
Nevada cornerback Marlon McLaughlin

"Oops. Must have made a wrong turn somewhere. At least that's what you would have thought hanging around downtown's southern corridor yesterday. The area around Seahawks Stadium resembled Pullman, with crimson and gray flowing off the highway, onto the streets and into the stadium."
Jayda Evans, Seattle Times

"Boy, what a difference driving over to the stadium this morning compared to our last few trips to Seattle. Everybody was waving and cheering. We're usually getting heckled and flipped off when we drive up (to Husky Stadium)." Mike Price before Saturday's game.

"I've been to a lot of great events. At Oklahoma, there's a sea of red. At Ohio State, there's a sea of red. When I walked in here and saw all that crimson, I was so excited I actually got goosebumps."
Craig Ehlo, WSU hoop great, walking into Seahawks Stadium on Saturday.

"You can bet that if Nevada quarterback Zack Threadgill had a bad dream last night, Will Derting was in it."  Chad Hartley, Reno-Gazette Journal 


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