Cougar pro prospects await NFL call

FIVE WASHINGTON STATE SENIORS are forecast by to have their names called in the upcoming NFL Draft. Before decision day comes on April 28-29, in New York, there will be personal workouts, the combine and a host of other criteria and events that will help determine their pecking order in "The League."

Pre-combine, the NFL Experts estimate five Cougars will be taken in this year's draft.

Jason Hill will go first among the Washington State contingent, says Scout, who sees him as a third round selection.

Hill, the No. 11 rated receiver in the draft, is defined as an "I" type, defined as: "Most contributing to good NFL players fall into this classification. Players final grade cannot be greater then his athletic grade. Players in this category must have the necessary size, play speed, and cannot be limited mentally. (Marcellus Wiley, Jimmy Smith, Laveranues Coles)."

Like many of the draftees, Hill's 40 time is presently estimated (4.55) by Scout and has not been verified. Observers from last year will remember Jerome Harrison helping himself immensely by running a 4.52 and 4.48 prior to the draft. He was selected in the sixth round by Cleveland last year, and played in 10 games including one start for the Browns.

Safety Eric Frampton projects as a 7th round/Compensatory Selection. He is listed by Scout in the "F" class: "Overachiever - Has the necessary size for the position plus is a good or better competitor. A solid college player who may have been more consistent in college then many (D) players, but have shown a weakness in one of the following areas: 1) Quickness - Common with offensive linemen. 2) Athlete - Common with both offensive and defensive linemen. 3) Speed - Most common will skill players. Generally a back up type player, who is near or has reached his ultimate playing potential (Joe Andruzzi, Jerricho Cotchery)."

Interestingly, CF.C has been hearing of Frampton moving up draft boards the past two months, and that he could insted go somewhere between the 3-6 rounds.

Tyron Brackenridge is estimated to be drafted in the sixth round. He is the 22nd best overall cornerback prospect in a draft that is flush with them. Like Frampton, Brackenridge is also labeled an "Overachiever" by

Cody Boyd is seen as the No. 11 tight end selected, somewhere in the sixth to seventh rounds. Boyd is the tallest of any of the tight ends projected to be drafted, checking in at over 6-7. Boyd is also listed as an "Overachiever" by

Steve Dildine is estimated to go in Round No. 7, with Scout selecting him the eight best overall weakside linebacker prospect in the draft.

Dildine's evaluation groups him in the "G" class: G - Small Player - Does not have the required size for the position. Usually outstanding college players, who likely will not maintain the same level of efficiency and effectiveness as a professional. (Bob Sanders, Dexter Coakley, Eddie Drummond). 1) Special situation player 3) Special Teams player 2) Contributing back up 4) Third down or sub-package nickel back.

Perhaps surprisingly, defensive end Mkristo Bruce is seen as going undrafted by Scout. All the buzz on MK for the past several months has centered around him being a 2-4 round pick.

Offensive tackle Charles Harris is also seen as a free agent but the Spokane native is designated a priority free agent by Scout. Harris has the same "I" type rating as does Hill.

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