RBs coach will be the key for 4-star prospect

HE'S A LITTLE TALLER and he might have more top end speed, but the cutback moves are eerily similar to Cougar great Jerome Harrison. A decision for the running back prospect offered this week by Washington State looks to come sooner rather than later. The same holds true for his arrival -- the 4-star RB is on pace to graduate in December. One factor in his decision will stand above the rest.

The Cougs yesterday offered Covaughn Deboskie (6-0, 192, 4.45 electric) out of Chandler, Arizona, joining the likes of Florida, ASU, UCLA, Michigan and others. It figures to be a pitched recruiting battle but if Deboskie ends up coming to Washington State, a key reason why will be WSU running backs coach Steve Broussard.

"I'm really trying to develop a relationship with the coaches of the schools talking to me and especially the running backs coach," said Deboskie. "I'm really trying to find out about everything, his kids, what they like to do, everything, not just about football. I'm trying to see if I'm like that coach. My relationship with the coaches is one thing I want to make a key factor, really getting to know them."

An exemplary student with a 4.16 GPA (4.0 scale with AP classes), Deboskie said his plan is to enroll at a 4-year school in time to take part in next year's spring drills, with a verbal commitment slated for sometime in the next few months.

"That's something that might have to happen because I plan on graduating early, in December," he said.

Before that rolls around, he'll have done a considerable amount of researching. The process on Washington State for him began yesterday.

"Since they offered me I've started to research them as far as the depth chart and education," said Deboskie. "Definitely playing time, not exactly starting, but playing time, will be important, getting exposure and the education. I plan on majoring in Business with a minor in Law. I want somewhere where both of those coordinate well together."

Distance, said Deboskie, will not be a consideration for either himself or his parents.

"No factor at all. The only thing I'm worried about is if I were to go to a Michigan, my hands would be cold but you can also do most anything to get your hands warm," he said.

DEBOSKIE HAS already taken unofficial visits to ASU, UA and UCLA for spring practices thus far, and is planning on visiting a phalanx of schools between now and the end of the summer, including Michigan, Cal and Stanford.

"At ASU there was a lot of intensity...that intensity is stuff I like. U of A was kind of laid back and not as hyped as ASU, and then UCLA was a combination of both and I like UCLA a lot," he said.

Deboskie said he doesn't have a leader and it's difficult to pick a top five since he's still in the information gathering stage, although UCLA, Stanford, Michigan, ASU and Florida are some that have stood out.

THE VIDEO available below on Deboskie shows a game breaker with vision, instinct and another gear. His prep coach at Hamilton High had to move him back 7 1/2 yards off the line of scrimmage because he was getting to the line too quickly before the hole had time to develop.

"I have the feeling I can see things before they happen and I guess I have breakaway speed," he said.

As a junior, Deboskie rushed for 1,304 yards and 22 TDs, with 414 receiving yards.

Covaughn Deboskie profile and video

Washington State has also recently extended an offer to Chandler cornerback Marc Anthony.

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