Hoops: Breshers back from WSU, nears decision

ONE OF THE WEST COAST'S most talked about high school power forwards, in Pullman last weekend, said he's narrowed his list to four schools and plans to make a verbal commitment sometime over the next month. Basketball, though, will not be the biggest factor in his decision.

Tyrese Breshers said the city, not the school or hoops team, will have the bigger influence on his decision.

"There's other factors besides (basketball), like how comfortable I feel with the location. That's basically the main factor," said Breshers, a four-star prospect.

"I'm probably looking for more of a city-type environment because I live in Los Angeles. I can't see myself adjusting that quickly to being outside the city."

That would seem to preclude Washington State, nestled in the rolling hills of the Palouse, right?

Maybe. But don't go making any quick judgments, says Breshers.

His final four are WSU, Boston College, Miami and Washington.

"The main reason for them (WSU) is because I love their coaching staff," he said. "The visit was cool. The coaching staff and the team stood out, and the weight room, too."

Whether the basketball prospects at Washington State are enough to tilt the balance in the Cougars' favor remains to be seen.

While 6-foot-6 is on the small side for power forwards, the Frederick Price High standout is one of the most underrated prepsters in the nation, says Scout.com's Greg Hicks.

"His big body and long arms allow him to play much bigger than you'd think. He's got soft hands, great feet and he's very quick off the floor. He's an exceptional shot-blocker and has the potential to become an excellent low-post scorer," says Hicks.

Tyrese Breshers profile and video

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