Insights galore from Cougs' OL coach

WASHINGTON STATE offensive line coach George Yarno says one of his hosses has the potential to be one of the best he's ever coached. In a lunch time chat Thursday with subscribers, Yarno also talked about three walk-ons who are making big-time strides; an incoming freshman who looks ready to play; and more.

We'll have the chat summary up later tonight but here's four quick hitters for anyone who missed the real-time Q&A:

Yarno has coached some good centers in his time but Kenny Alfred has the potential to be as good or better than them all, said the coach.

"I've been fortunate to have good centers -- Robbie Tobeck, I coached All-American at LSU, had a great center at Arizona State. Kenny has chance to be as good or better than anyone," says Yarno. "He's only going to be a sophomore and has grown and matured as a player and person. The sky is the limit for him. Extremely athletic, tough, intelligent young man. I'm excited about growth we can make as an offensive line because of Kenny Alfred.

There are three walk-ons who have "a chance" to move into the 2-deeps if they continue to improve, said Yarno.

"A kid that's been in program that had a tremendous spring is Nick Cantlon," says Yarno. "He's undersized, but very competitive, does everything right. He has a chance. Scott Friberg was doing some good things but got hurt early in spring which set him back. He also has a chance. Chris Prummer was a DL last year, now an OL. He's playing center, and showing great signs. Those three have a chance."

Among the future Cougars, Yarno tabs Kevin Freitag as one physically prepared to potentially earn early playing time this season. And he's not the guy who's had the best spring.

"Steven Ayers has had the best spring of anyone," said Yarno. "He won state wrestling title and the state shot and discuss titles. He has had a tremendous spring. He's intelligent, and obviously a great athlete. Freitag has had a great spring. He probably has changed the most between his junior and senior years, body-wise. Physically, he may be prepared to play at true freshman. Andrew Roxas is a good athlete has had a good spring. I think he is going to have to get stronger to compete at this level. Hopefully will work on those things this summer."

Speaking of Roxas, coach Bill Doba had mentioned Roxas might want to grayshirt this year. No longer is that the case.

"Originally we were looking into that, he was interested in that," said Yarno. "Now he has decided he wants to come with the freshmen, so he will report this summer."

Stay tuned later tonight for the full chat summary.

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