Cougs jump up Colorado hoss' leaderboard

LAST THURSDAY IN THE CF.C chatroom, among the topics asked of WSU coach George Yarno was OL target numbers for the '08 class. One just offered by Washington State is a center/guard prospect from Denver. Said the 6-3, 285-pounder of the Cougs; "They were one of the first schools to really contact me starting back in the beginning of my junior year...They've always been at the top of my list."

The Cougs offered Mullen High's Jimmy Miller late last week.

"I've talked to them regularly, and they came to my school a couple weeks ago," said Miller, who projects as a college offensive guard or center.

Washington State recruiting coordinator Greg Peterson is running the recruiting point on Miller for Wazzu.

"Coach Peterson, he's a really cool guy. We talk every once in a while and he's a cool guy to talk to. He has great things to say about Washington State and I'm happy that they offered," said Miller.

But as has been the Cougs' practice since Peterson came on board last year, the staff has a group approach to recruiting.

"I'm going to give them a call on Monday and the other coaches are going to be in the office...where I can talk to them, talk to them in person and the offensive line coach, see what his thoughts are on me," said Miller.

Other schools in the mix include TCU, which Miller camped at last week, Kansas and Nebraska.

"I wouldn't say any one school is contacting me the most. I talk to the schools that have offered once or twice a week, I'll give them call or through text messaging and all that. Some of the others like TCU, it was one of the schools I picked to go out of state for a camp. They've been one I've had my eye on."

EARLIER IN THE recruiting process, Miller had a top three of Kansas, San Diego State and TCU with the Jayhawks on top. Those three continue to be held in high esteem, he said, but Miller also said there is no longer a leader, and another school has vaulted in amongst the trio.

"Definitely with all of the schools that have offered me, and now with Washington State, they all jump back in the mix. With Kansas, I'll have to see if they offer and if they do, they're definitely back up towards the top on my list. TCU, same with them. My top three is pretty much the same with the addition of Washington State," said Miller.

Location and distance, said Miller, would be a bonus more than a determining factor.

"Location, it really isn't too big (a factor), I just want to go to a place where my parents will be able to come and watch me. If you get a good vibe from the coaches, that's one of the big things. Schools like Washington State and San Diego State out on the West Coast, they're definitely two schools at the top of my list. I hear great things about both campuses and I definitely want to get out there and see if it's a good fit."

A date, however, has not been set for an unofficial visit this summer and with Mullen's offseason workout schedule, will require some planning.

I've also talked to Utah and Kansas and they want me to come out so I'll see what I'm able to do with that. But we have football workouts four times a week and that's my main focus right now," he said.

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