'Coach' Guyton on his Wazzu camp experience

TREVOR GUYTON, the Redmond defensive end who recently moved up from 3-stars to a 4-star rating on Scout.com, took in the Washington State summer camp experience in June, but he ended up doing it in a unique way. The 6-3, 271-pound defensive end from the same high school as future Cougar Logwone Mitz, also talks recruiting and names a pair of frontrunners.

Guyton was in Pullman for the entire Washington State camp, but he didn't get the chance to put any battle scars on his helmet.

"It was actually real fun, but I didn't get to play. I messed my back up a week before camp and I had to sit it out. It just spasmed up, but it's just temporary, they told me it would be 1-2 weeks," said Guyton.

A college camp, for players without offers, is a chance to earn one. For players like Guyton, however, who received his first college offer from Washington State, a camp is also a recruiting experience.

In Pullman for four days and three nights with his Redmond teammates, and although he most certainly would have rather been out there cracking pads, he ended up having more time to visit with the WSU coaches at the Cougs' camp than he would have otherwise.

He also got to put on his coach's hat.

"I just talked to the coaches a lot, and I just coached up the guys a lot who were under me. It was real good. I was there for three nights and four days," said Guyton.

Guyton had already formed a tight relationship with Cougar d-tackles coach Mike Walker, and spent the most time during the camp with coach Walk and with Cougar head man Bill Doba.

"Coach Walker and coach Doba, I like both of them a lot, they're both real personable," said Guyton.

LAST TIME we talked to Guyton, before the camp, he said no one school had emerged. Now, two schools, Cal and UW, have done so, albeit slightly. His camp experience at Cal, he said, was a good one; "They really liked me and I like them a lot, too.".

While Guyton earlier had said the college town atmosphere of Pullman was a plus, he said post Cougar camp he also has some concerns.

"There's not as much to do but it's fine though, I'm not going to base my opinion on that, on location," said Guyton.

But when it gets right down to it, is Pullman for him a place no longer under consideration, and not a place he can see himself spending his college years?

"No, no, no. I'm definitely still considering them," said Guyton. "My top schools are Cal, UW, Boise, Arizona, Wazzu and Oregon, and (slight leaders) on those first two."

Regarding the Huskies, Guyton previously said he wanted to keep close tabs on the Huskies win-loss record this season, to see if they would get back on the winning path. This time when we talked to Guyton, he was stronger in his sentiments, saying he felt the UW would be turning the corner, although he still offered up the caveat.

"The coaches have sold me that they're trying to bring the program back up. But I just need to see them do it," said Guyton. "But I really do like them."

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