Oakland hoss eyes WSU

McCLYMONDS HIGH in Oakland has a recent and rich history of producing D-IA talent. The Warriors' top-ranked senior prospect this season is a 6-foot-3, 290-pound hoss rated the No. 22 offensive guard prospect in the nation. He's approaching double-digit offers and not long ago, got a good feeling talking with the Washington State coach charged with recruiting the Bay Area.

Allen Carroll didn't hit many school camps this summer, but he certainly shows up well on film. In addition to the scholarship offer from Washington State, Carroll's offers include those from UCLA, Arizona, ASU, Oregon, Nebraska, UW and Utah.

Offensive line coach George Yarno is running the recruiting point on Carroll for the Cougs.

"I've talked to him, and then he also came down to my school too. I like the coach there," said Carroll. "And I need to take some trips. I'd want to see the area and the school, and then talk to some of the players, maybe former players, more of the coaches and see what they're all like, spend some time with some people."

Carroll also said he "relates well" with the coaches at Arizona and UCLA. Distance, Carroll said, will not be a factor. He does not have a frontrunner.

"I'm still gathering information," said Carroll.

THE BOOK ON Carroll is a lineman with good feet and balance, and who uses his center of gravity to his advantage.

"I do a lot of pulling, so most coaches have said they like my footwork, my ability to get out in the open field and block somebody. I'm not just stuck in one position, I can move around out there," he said.

Carroll also said there's always room for improvement.

"I think I need to work on my run blocking a little more -- I do well, but sometimes, I'll be getting tired," he laughed. "And it's about not lunging, keeping your feet. Sometimes you'll be going so fast and you get one of those linebackers cross-step you and ah, make you look like a fool."

CARROLL HAD TWO camp stops last month, at Cal and San Jose State. At Berkeley, Carroll claimed MVP offensive line honors for the second straight year, but came away without a Bears' offer.

"I guess they might be waiting on (my senior year), I was talking to their offensive line coach said he was going to be looking at me but he didn't give me any clues about it. I guess he wants to see some more improvement in my senior year.

Carroll also said while he's flattered by the offers and the recruiting attention, he said it won't change his preparation and play on the field.

"The articles are nice and all but I don't really read 'em," he laughed.

Carroll was a first team all-league pick last year, primarily lining up offensive tackle as a junior.

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