Another corner arrives early at WSU

QUESTION: WHERE ART thou, cornerback? Answer: Out on the Palouse and getting ready. Romeo Pellum, a Top 100, 3-star CB has arrived at Washington State, he tells Of the five corners in the '07 class, three are now on campus, arriving early in anticipation of the Cougs' fall camp which gets underway the first week of August. Pellum hit the ground running shortly after his arrival..

Cornerback, said the Cougar coaching staff, was one of the key questions coming out of spring ball -- and the Cougar rookies are getting an early start. Romeo Pellum joins Chima Nwachukwu and Devin Giles as the early CB arrivals.

Pellum, out of Norwalk, Calif., said he's been busy his first few days getting in some weightlifting work and running through skelly drills.

"I've spent the first days in the weightroom -- in high school I didn't really lift that many weights," said Pellum, who checks in at 5-9, 160-pounds. "I've got my locker, my equipment and workout gear. I'm good."

Pellum spent some of his spring and summer making sure he would be NCAA academically qualified.

"I had to work hard to get a couple grades up but I did it," said Pellum. "I arrived in town Sunday."

PELLUM SAID THE COUGS' SKELLY, short for 7-on-7 skeleton drills where the backs and receivers go against the linebackers and defensive backs, was an eye opening experience earlier this week, the cornerback going up against what is shaping up this season as a very deep and talented receiver corps.

"It's hard, they're faster, they're stronger and couple of them are a lot taller," laughed Pellum. "It's faster (paced), the quarterback gets the ball there quick. But I think I did pretty good for my first day."

Pellum said Husain Abdullah, Brian Williams and Michael Bumpus have been among those who offered a warm reception out of the gate.

"Michael Bumpus, he helped me out a lot in the weight room, I worked out with him. And I was out there with him on punt returns and he was helping me out on my returns, how to best judge the ball and stuff like that.

"On defense, (Williams) was helping me on corner and with my alignment. And Husain Abdullah has been helping me out on the plays..on the drills and my reads, and making sure I know everything. They've all helped me out a lot," said Pellum.

CORNER IS both a position where the staff has said they want to see improved play and also a spot that lends itself to a talented true freshman being able to contribute immediately. Pellum, who has had his nose in the defensive playbook since he arrived, said he has goals in mind that will require study and hard work. He also weighed in on his initial impressions of Washington State.

"Right now, I'm just learning all my plays," said Pellum. "Once camp comes, I want to be ready to go full speed. I want to know my plays like the veterans. I'm definitely going after a spot this year. I do want to play, I do want to be on the travel team, but I want to start as a true freshman. And it'll be hard, and you don't know if it's really going to happen, but it doesn't hurt to try. And it will only (make myself and others around me) better.

"I just like it here. It's a family oriented team, and the players are all nice, everyone is friendly. I really like it," said Pellum.

  • Three corners from the Cougs' rookie class have arrived in Pullman early in Pellum, Nwachukwu and Giles, plus LB Hallston Higgins and WR Daniel Blackledge, with the latter four having enrolled early and taking part in WSU's voluntary summer conditioning program, are on campus. Heralded 5-star safety Terry Mixon, who could also get a look at the corner spot when the Cougars' fall camp gets underway the first week of August, is scheduled to arrive in a little over a week.

  • While the benefit of being enrolled in summer classes remains for early arrivals -- it provides a head start on earning college credits and getting acclimated to college coursework -- it is no longer required in order to participate in a school's voluntary summer workout program. Previously, early arrivals were required to be taking classes but the rule now states incoming rookies, so long as they have signed the appropriate paperwork, do not have to be enrolled in summer courses.

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