Adonis the Greek: Week 4 Prognostications

WELL-COIFFED JIM HARBAUGH has a surprise coming for Phil Knight, while Dennis Erickson offers big-time incentive for Sun Devil players. Bill Doba crafts unique speech to get his team thinking great thoughts and Ty Willy yearns for an outlaw.

Arizona at California
KVOA in Tucson drops weather report and replaces it with "Stoops Watch 2007." Jeff Tedford takes pre-game high road, telling players, "We can't take these guys lightly -- I mean, they're no Louisiana Tech but they are technically a Pac-10 team."

Oregon State at Arizona State
Dennis Erickson generates bulletin board material, bragging that his failed NFL career wasn't as bad as Mike Riley's failed NFL career. Erickson threatens to make players attend classes if they don't rack up six personal fouls and score enough points "to make my predecessor, er, successor, or whatever Riley is, look foolish."

Oregon at Stanford
The upset special. With rousing win over San Jose State, Jim Hairbaugh's Card have the wind at their backs, super-strength gel in their hair, fans that are mildly interested, and an overconfident club from Nike U coming to town. Phil Knight's halftime call to Bellotti -- "You know, I can Moos you, too" -- proves uninspiring.
Pick: CARD

Washington at UCLA
The Cowen Brothers, still pissed that the Huskies passed on them despite dad's purple roots, take revenge, thus foiling Steve Kelley and Bob Condotta's official launch of the Locker-for-Governor campaign. Leaky Dog defense leaves Ty "I perfer to be called Tyrone" Willy yearning for Tank Johnson. "Tyrone Willingham would even settle for a Eugene Burkhalter at this point," Willingham says.

O.J. back in the days when slashing referred to his running style.

Washington State at USC
Doba pulls out all the stops in his pre-game pep talk, telling the Cougs, "no matter how this thing turns out, we can hold our heads high knowing that our most famous alum is Ed Murrow and theirs is O.J. Simpson." Regardless of how many points the Trojans score, Booty pledges to triple the total for the Notre Dame game.

Last week's record: 7-3.
Who would've guessed a truly bad Utah team could rout the darlings in Powder Blue. And New Mexico beating a Mike Stoops-coached team? Well, I should have known better but I thought the swoon in the desert would happen midseason. As for Stanford over San Jose State, I have just on thing to say: Even a blind squirrel stumbles across an acorn once in a while.

Season record: 18-8.

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