USC victory in focus

A sampling of photos from the Associate Press of the Cougars hard-fought victory over the USC Trojans in overtime. BEHOLD!

Marcus Trufant and Jason David give chase after USC running back Sultan McCullough in the first quarter. (AP/Kevin German)

Devard Darling runs over USC free safety DeShaun Hill during the first half. (AP/Kevin German)

Jason David makes the inteception in USC's endzone. (AP/Kevin German)

The Trojans attempt  to take advantage of Jason Gesser's previous injuries to no avail. (AP/Kevin German)

Trufant hits the ground as USC's Mike Williams breaks for a touchdown to force the game into overtime. (AP/Kevin German)

USC quarterback Carson Palmer. (AP/Kevin German)

It's piggyback time as Isaac Brown jumps fellow teammate Rien Long after sacking USC's quarterback on the third down in overtime. (AP/Kevin German)

Drew Dunning redeems himself in overtime with the winning kick. (AP/Kevin German)

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