What They're Saying: Candidate Search Edition

THERE'S SPECULATION GALORE about potential replacements for Bill Doba, but the pundit crowd is largely -- and negatively -- fixated on former Cougar head man Mike Price. Nonetheless, Cal defensive coordinator Bob Gregory, the pride of Gonzaga Prep, sneaks into the discussion with some good-natured humor.

"I'm not real big on ex-Huskies and I'm not big on ex-coaches," Walden said. "The last guy we hired before Bill Doba, we were in the Rose Bowl when he left for Alabama. Part of my Cougarism says if you don't want to be at the school the year you take them to the Rose Bowl, I don't know why we should want you back."
- Jim Walden to the Vancouver Columbian

"If the Cougs want to bring back a sixtysomething from their past, they should ask Jim Walden to leave the broadcast booth for the sideline. He knows the importance of beating the Huskies, and his news conferences would be a weekly riot. Don James once said he was a 2,000-word underdog to Walden, who would instantly be installed as a 10,000-word favorite over Tyrone Willingham."
- Jim Moore, Seattle P-I

"Full disclosure: Mike Price and I don't exchange Christmas cards. When he coached football at Washington State, I was among the few – in the media, anyway – who didn't like his style, to invoke a convenient catch-all. And he was one of many Cougars who certainly had their reasons not to like mine. We didn't connect, but that's OK. Our jobs are such that we're not supposed to, not really. So feel free to take that into account in whatever measure when I say that bringing Mike Price back to run the football program again at Wazzu is a mistake."
- John Blanchette, Spokesman-Review

"Bill Doba, who will serve with Bill Moos and WSU faculty rep Ken Casavant on the coaching search committee, was asked the other day what the Cougars should be looking for in a new coach. His answer? Tony Bennett. Not Mike Price. Tony Bennett. One conjures a fond yesteryear, the other an exciting future."
- Jack Evans, Cougfan.com

"If the notion of inviting Price back to where he belonged all along strikes you as radical, join the crowd. It's radical to the point of goofy. But, hey, we're talking about Washington State, where a coach determined to rage against retirement needed only 44 hours to conclude his last day on the job was a celebration of life."
- John McGrath, Tacoma News Tribune

"Cal defensive coordinator Bob Gregory knew the question was coming, so he pulled a fake script out of his pocket and read it like he had just accepted an Academy Award. "It's flattering to be considered. I appreciate it. Let's talk about Stanford now," he said .... Gregory declined further comment on the (WSU) opening, only to say "yes" when asked if he felt he was a candidate for the job."
- Jonathan Okanes, San Jose Mercury News

"The big list ... will have the names of candidates submitted by Moos and Sterk. When the list is whittled down, that is when (WSU faculty rep Ken) Casavant will become more involved, researching a candidate's track record with academics and eligibility matters."
- Todd Milles, Tacoma News Tribune

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