WE CHECKED IN with a foursome of Cougar notables for their immediate reactions on Paul Wulff being named the head coach at Washington State. From Jack Thompson to Jason Gesser...from Jim Walden to Jim Moore... here are the words of four dyed in the crimson wool Cougars on the 31st head coach in the history of the football program at Wazzu.

Jack Thompson, the legendary Throwin' Samoan who left WSU as the most prolific passer in NCAA history:
"I think Paul Wulff is a good man who has done it the right way. I'm glad that he has strong Cougar ties and experience in recruiting to the eastern part of the state. I've talked to several coaches and they all say that he's a class act and like I said, he recruits the right way. Clearly, he had a lights out interview, which comes as no surprise when you have somebody who is passionate about our school and I'm very happy for him. Very happy for him. And I'm happy for the Cougs."

Jason Gesser, winningest quarterback in Washington State history:
"He's had success at Eastern doing all those things. They hired a great guy. I really think he knows the area very well. He's going to be able to recruit and I think to compete with Washington and Oregon and keep the 'home' kids, home. He's a young guy and he's a Washington State guy -- which obviously I love -- and hopefully one of these days they (WSU) will give me a chance like that, and hopefully he'll give me a chance to be a quarterbacks coach. Even though I don't have a boatload of experience, I have the passion and knowledge to do certain things, and at Washington State."

Jim Walden, Cougar broadcasting analyst and former WSU and Iowa State head coach:
"I'm happy that it's Paul. I'm tickled to death that's the direction that they're going. Based on everything that I know that's good about being a Cougar, I thought that Paul Wulff fit the bill."

Jim Moore, Seattle P-I sports columnist:
"It's great, I'm thrilled. Perfect guy for the job, a pickup-driving, beer-drinking Coug who knows the school, knows the state and knows he better beat the Huskies every year or else."

NOTABLE NOTE: Gesser, who plays for Utah of the Arena Football League and was the offensive coordinator at Tacoma's surprising Franklin Pierce High this past season, also said either a formal interview with Wulff or just grabbing a bite to eat with the Cougs' new head man and getting to know him is his immediate goal. Gesser also said he may want to try and get a coaching position at Eastern should one become available.

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