WULFF: Change coming, and I don't like purple

HAVING BEEN FORMALLY introduced as the 31st head football coach at Washington State, Paul Wulff in his first WSU press conference offered a glimpse of what Cougar fans should expect to see going forward. A no-huddle, high octane offense. An aggressive defense geared to stop the run. And a head to head battle with the Huskies in every aspect imaginable.

Wulff, 40, said there are some things that have remained the same since the day he put pen to paper and signed his Letter of Intent to Washington State.

"I learned that very day that I wasn't supposed to like purple. And I don't like purple, and that has not changed. It's 22 years later, and I really don't like purple. And that is going to be very clear," said Wulff.

And in case anyone was actually still unclear as to his meaning as it relates to Washington State's neighbors to the West, Wulff fired another shot across the bow.

"That is a battle that we will win. We're going to go after those guys. We're going to attack them. And we're going to find ways to take control of this deal and run the best program in the state of Washington, and I'm very proud of that fact," said Wulff. "One thing I told Mr. Sterk and President Floyd, and I'm a believer in this, dawgs bite and bark. Cougars hunt and kill. There's a big difference."

WULFF DREW a parallel to his signing in February of 1985, choosing the crimson and gray over five other Pac-10 schools, to his signing up with the Cougs as their head coach 22 years later.

"And I committed again for five years, and I will make the most of it," said Wulff. "I will do everything in my power to create an environment that everybody that is a Cougar will be proud of. It's going to take some work. There's some building we've got to do. And there are some culture changes we've got to make. But the process will start today."

SOME OF THE CHANGES to take place on the field involve the offense. The Cougs will go to a no-huddle as their base and spread the ball out in multiple formations.

"You will never see us drill in the huddle, in practice or anything," said Wulff. "We will do everything at a high, fast tempo and we will keep people off balance. We will run the ball, (equal to the pass), but we're just going to do it from a new no huddle scheme."

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Defensively, Wulff said the goal is to be a 4-3, with a cover-2 through cover-4 in the secondary, but while still allowing flexibility in the packages to best play to the talents of personnel.

"We will be aggressive. We want to play extremely downhill and make sure we stop the run," said Wulff.

STAFF POSITIONS ARE NOT yet finalized, said Wulff.

"I don't have anything (finalized), we're looking to bring 4-5 staff members (from EWU) and that will leave 4-5 positions open that we want to fill. And I want to make sure we do our due diligence and do the process right. I just don't want to be quick to hire until we're comfortable with the process," said Wulff.

Still, that might mostly mean assistant contracts are not signed for those Wulff is bringing from EWU. Given the no-huddle plans, Todd Sturdy is certainly one of those coming on board. Wulff also said there would probably be "one or two" members of the current staff who would be retained. Steve Broussard is one who would seem a logical choice given his recruiting area in Los Angeles and that he and Wulff were teammates at WSU.

THE RECRUITING STRATEGY IS already in full swing, as time is of the essence with February's Letter of Intent Day drawing near. Wulff said the staff would indeed contact some Cougar targets who have given a verbal to other schools.

"I think we have to address kids that might be committed to other schools right now, talk to them and see where they're at..We just have to hustle and do the best that we can this year. And I believe we'll do well.

"As of this minute I don't have anybody (recruiting). They're (assistants) out there, they're just not officially recruiting just yet, we had to get some compliance issues dealt with today so they can be eligible to do that. And I think we'll have that done by the end of the day. But we will get some people "out on the road" as of tomorrow, officially, and move forward as fast as we can though this weekend before the dead period hits."

The window for in home visits ends on Dec. 15, a quiet period begins on Dec. 16, and a dead period follows Dec. 17 through Jan. 1.

Recruits can call coaches at any time during the course of the year regardless of whether it's a dead period or not, but face-to-face visits during a quiet period can only take place on WSU's campus and no in-person recruiting contacts or evaluations, no on- or off-campus or official or unofficial visits, are allowed during a dead period.

WULFF, ASKED IF every job was now open on the current team, said that the best players are going to play at Washington State.

"I haven't had time to consider that, but I'm a believer that a new season begins now and every kid has an opportunity to prove themselves," said Wulff. "I also put the players on the field who are doing the best for the team and the program. So I guess that means all the jobs are open and that's how it will go. It's my job and our coaches' jobs to make sure we're playing the kids that are best for the program and helping us win.

"Contrary to what other people may think on who should play and not play, we'll do our best on a daily basis to see these guys and see who deserves to play. But I'm a big believer in competition and let the kids settle it on the field and on the practice field."

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