CF.C Super Computer forecasts another Cougar win

Some may look to the stars, other consult tarot cards. But for those of you who sleep better with numerology or your side, the <i> Super Computer</i> gives you twenty reasons Washington State will school Arizona in the desert come Saturday.

1 - - Ol' Wazzu's position in the Pac-10 standings.

2 - - The total number of points the Wildcats scored in the inaugural meeting of these football felines in 1963.

3 - - The number of Pac-10 teams the Cougars have played and defeated so far this season (and the number of ESPN Gameday hosts back on the "Gess Who 4 Heisman" bandwagon).

4 - - The number of times Cougar defenders planted Cat QB Jason Johnson in last season's 48-21 Cougar victory.


5 - - INTs so far for Crimson corner Jason David.

6 - - Of the 10 Cougar victories against Arizona have come in October.


7 - - The number of points scored by the Cougs in that inaugural '63 game (and the current BCS ranking for Wazzu!).

8 - - Times Washington State has scored 30 or more points against Arizona. WSU has a 6-2  record when they do that.


9 - - Cougars ranking in the AP poll.

10 - - Wildcat losses in the last 18 games.

11 - - The Cougar "strength of schedule" ranking.


12 - - Huskies on the field against Michigan. (The computer knows this has nothing to do with this game, but was programmed by Cougfans and can't help itself.)


13 - - Plays was all it took last season for the Cougs to score 28 points against Arizona in the first 8 minutes of the ball game.


14 - - Years St. Mike Price has been at the Cougar helm.


15 - - Touchdowns scored by Arizona through 7 games compared to WSU's 31.

16 - - Cougar wins the last 19 games.


17 - - The uniform number of the Hurlin' Hawaiian Heisman hopeful, Jason Gesser.


18 - - Games Gesser has thrown multiple TD strikes, a Cougar record.


19 - - Consecutive games Gesser has thrown at least one TD pass, another Cougar record.


20 - - Victories Gesser has earned as WSU starting QB, yet another Cougar record.

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