Prep DT back from WSU, torn between two

SACKMASTER ANTHONY LAURENZI -- he racked up 23 sacks among his 91 tackles this season from the interior of the line -- tripped from Placentia, California, about 30 minutes outside of L.A, to the Palouse this past weekend. Where do the Cougs sit post-visit, what is the main thing he's wrestling with in trying to come to a decision plus much more.

The Cougs, post-official visit, continue to co-lead for Laurenzi, the Orange County Register's 2007 Defensive Player of the Year. He said the one thing he's trying to get his mind around is that he's used to living near a big metropolis, and Pullman is a college town.

"The school was really cool and it's a really nice football town. But it's a really small town, too. Growing up in Orange County, I'm used to the (bigger city) and I think it would be a different change in environment," said Laurenzi.

One item on the agenda this weekend was to solicit opinion from the Cougar players, particularly those from the Golden State and larger cities.

"I can see myself there. And then I can see myself maybe not liking it," said Laurenzi. "But I talked a while with players there, guys that came from places like Fullerton and San Diego, and they seemed to really like it...and they felt the same way at first but then they (came to) really like the community, the football community. and how the school is...And you're busy with football and school (anywhere).

"And they seemed to really like it a lot. And that kinda helps knowing that."

THE WSU COACHES and the basketball game were also among the visit highlights for Laurenzi.

"The coaches were really nice and they seemed really eager to me," said Laurenzi. "It was really loud (at the game), it was intense -- it was really loud. I was talking to coaches and football players and they said it's even louder at their games. So that's another plus, good turnout for the games."

Washington State came by the school on Tuesday, and was also by for an in-home visit Tuesday night. Nevada was scheduled to come by for an in-home today. Nevada also called Monday while he was coming home from his trip. Travis Niekamp is running the recruiting point for the Cougs.

"It goes back and forth. Some days I like Nevada, some days I like Washington (State). They're both pretty even. The only thing I'd say was bad about Nevada is that they're not in the Pac-10. But then they're not in a smaller city. And Washington State is in the Pac-10, but they're in a small city," said Laurenzi.

ANOTHER WHO IS trying hard to get in the door is SMU, with coach June Jones having recently taken over the Mustangs program after leading Hawaii for the past nine seasons.

"SMU has been contacting me a lot and they're trying to get me to come down this weekend. I'm not sure yet (if I'll go) I'm talking to my parents. They called me (on Tuesday) twice trying to schedule a trip," said Laurenzi.

Cal also made late inquiries though it doesn't appear they would be a viable option.

"They told me the just now saw my video, but that they had already filled their spots on the d-line. I was excited when I heard the message on my phone but (they were full)...they said I could walk-on, but I wouldn't walk-on when I have scholarships available," said Laurenzi.

Laurenzi said he didn't anticipate making a final decision until next week at the earliest.

LAURENZI LOGGED 23 SACKS and 91 tackles this past season, smashing the school sack record he set as a junior with 15.

He earned a plethora of MVP and POY honors for his efforts in '07 -- The Century League named him lineman of the year, and he was the Southwest Division's defensive player of the year.

A two-time first-team All-CIF, All-League honoree, Laurenzi was the Orange County Register's 2007 Defensive Player of the Year.

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