CHAT II: Coug fans ask recruiting analysts

IN PART II of a Friday afternoon CF.C chat, Coug fans conclude a more than 90-minute session asking questions of the West Coast and Northwest talent analysts for A multitude of topics was discussed, including: The '08 class signs on Wednesday, but it's not too early to note some of the top Northwest prospects in the class of '09 --- and there are 40 names herein to keep an eye on.

dgibbons: What is the 09 NW recruiting class looking like?
FETTERS: Gibbons - the more I look at it, I think there could be some 'tweener'-type prospects that WSU just might go on in the hopes they flourish in their new systems. And by 'tweener', I don't mean size. I'm talking about the guys that would be similar to the Coerper-Ledgerwood examples for this year. There really isn't the can't-miss, All-American types that there were for this class. But there will be some very, very good ones. Just no real slam-dunks.

74Coug: (question text missing)
FETTERS: 74 - That's a great point. With a very, very specific offense in the spread, that will absolutely dictate the kind of skill and line players they get - especially on the line, IMHO. I know everyone is looking at the Reitnouer kid as someone they aren't sure of because of his size. But that's the kind of kid they'll probably start to recruit more of - guys with the height and frame to add pounds the way they want them to add pounds. They want them strong, but with exceptional feet.

HowietheHog: Chris, lets put the shoe on the other foot. Assuming the UW starts slow and the Tyees are finally successful in getting Ty canned, do you see us cleaning up in the state next year similar to the way the UW did this year?
FETTERS: Howie - that could happen. But a lot would depend on who ends up coach, and how much momentum there is for that hire.

cdlhot: Any scoop on last minute recruiting news?
HUFFMAN: Probably Boise State for Thaddeus Brown
cdlhot: Brown is confirmed to Boise
HUFFMAN: No he's not...I talked to him this week. He's visiting Nevada this weekend
cdlhot: That is what the Idaho Statesman reported, and the Boise bunch is tight lipped as they come
HUFFMAN: I'll trust my source on this one :)
HUFFMAN: Plus, they quoted the coach at NDHS, not Thaddeus, and it was done prior to he and i talking.

bigskycoug: Chris, what positions do you see Lintz, Spitz, Stormo, Mackay, and Coerper ending up at?
FETTERS: (My projections are:) Lintz - TE. Spitz - OT. Stormo - OT. Mackay - DE. Coerper - OT.

tomsim: Spitz-OT? More likely DT don't you think?
FETTERS: tom - could be. I just think he's destined to be a lineman, as opposed to being a TE.

cougarfan25: Brandon: So there is still a possibility WSU could be an option then for Thaddeus?
HUFFMAN: Yes, there is a very real possibility too on Brown joining Frank.

74Coug: I'm intrigued by Lintz and Stormo...what are their most notable plusses?
FETTERS: 74 - Lintz is a very good athlete for his size, and Stormo is a solid football player. He isn't going to be a guy that stands out, but he isn't going to be making mistakes or costing his team. He's a glue-guy.

dgibbons: Chris- what does the 09 HS class in the NW look like?
dgibbons: Chris- what does the 09 class in the NW look like?
FETTERS: Gibbons - right now, just OK. No one really outstanding, IMHO. I know Rivals has Deandre Coleman in their top-100, but he's got some personal issues he needs to get straight. But at 6-4 and 295-pounds, he's going to get noticed at DT.

Kaduce: Brandon, any reason why Greenlaw is going to Cal Poly? Did he even have an offer from WSU?
HUFFMAN: He had an early offer from WSU, but I think it may have been pulled. He was a classic tweener though.

IBC2991: CF, care to give us an early list on 2009's Top-5 prospects in WA?
FETTERS: IBC - Don't know about a top-5 yet, but here's a list of who I like right now.
FETTERS: I like Luke Schindele at QB
FETTERS: David Gilbertson is a guy to watch for too
FETTERS: AT RB, Paul Ena, Andre Barrington, Ronald Baines, Taylor Cox and Alex Ferguson top my early list.
FETTERS: At WR, Gino Simone, Clayton Homme, Devin Jones, Stan Langlow, Ryane Laforte and Kirby Moore are guys I'm going to be watching.
FETTERS: At TE, Travis Long from GPrep is one to watch.
FETTERS: On the OL, Danny Kistler, Grant Enger, Anthony Luna (GPrep), Danny Powell are guys to watch.
FETTERS: On the DL, Coleman, Bryce Badure, A'lo'afa, Ta'a, J.J. Quinlan and David Gaylord will be watched. Gaylord reminds me a lot of Mattingly.
FETTERS: At LB, I like Marcel Seely, Tony Heard, Allen Mooney, Andru Pulu, D'Mario Carter.
FETTERS: At DB, I like Taylor Elmo (Ike), Luke Thomas, Ronnie Hamlin, Tre Watson, Nolan Washington, Josh Loera, Jamal Atofau and Desmond Trufant.
IBC2991: Great list of responses CF; thanks much for taking the time to go position-by-position.

CrimsonJT: Is Paul Ena related to the Ena who was a WSU QB from Prosser a few years ago?
FETTERS: Paul Ena is Tali Ena's son.

Kaduce: Brandon, what do you know about Carlo Valdes from Mater Dei? He has a WSU offer.
HUFFMAN: I liked Valdes. Another guy, man w/o a position, could play WR or S. Missed a lot of his jr year with an injury. But comes from a great program.

cougarfan25: Fetters: Is Kirby Moore a senior next year, if so, where do you project him from what you have seen of him?
FETTERS: 25 - I LOVE Moore. Just has a great feel for the position. Probably the top WR in-state, along with Gino Simone right now.

cdlhot: sometimes the 8th best kid from these type of schools are better then the best player from another school.
HUFFMAN: Culver City, LB Poly, St John Bosco, Elk Grove. All traditionally strong programs.

HowietheHog: Chris, speaking of Paul Ena and Inglemoor football, do you think Anthony Arena will get scholie looks as a kicker? The kid can hit FGs from 50 yds...
HowietheHog: Arena is in the class of '09
tomsim: I would like to know if anyone has heard anything about a potential kicker other than Burke and if not why Burke hasn't been offered.
FETTERS: Howie - probably. But he's just a frosh, right?
HowietheHog: Arena's a Junior.

Kaduce: Fetters -- what's up with ATH Gerald Hill. I was interested in seeing where he ended up.
FETTERS: Kaduce - I left a message for Gerald a couple of days ago - no luck. I talked to his coach at Charles Wright on Saturday, and he just shook his head. I don't know if Gerald is going to sign with anyone on Wednesday, but I'm trying to find out more.

CrimsonJT: What is Desmond Trufant's relation to Marcus?
IBC2991: Marcus' younger brother I believe.
FETTERS: Desmond Trufant is Marcus' younger brother. 6-1, 175.
IBC2991: Desmond Trufant should be a slam-dunk for us if we decide to offer; older Brother Marcus is the obvious connection but he also had a Brother (Isaiah) coached by Wulff at EWU.

FETTERS: I should have also put Locker's cousin in that group of DB's. Casey Locker from Ferndale.
cdlhot: Does Locker's brother breath when he carries the ball?
FETTERS: Let's hope so, for his sake.

IBC2991: One last one for me and then I'll sign-off... without naming names or schools give us the most outlandish recruiting story you've come across in your years as a scout?
FETTERS: Oh, I couldn't begin.

Kaduce: One more Chris... what about DL Evan Cook. EWU snuck in and got him even though he had a Fresno offer. What do you think about him?
FETTERS: Kaduce - I think Evan is a guy that snuck in under the radar. He might be a guy WSU puts a late push on, you never know.
Kaduce: Why didn't he get looks for WSU or UW.
FETTERS: Kaduce - I think part of the reason on Cook is that his body is not exactly chiseled. He might have issues with keeping in the kind of shape he'll need to succeed at the D1 level. But if Pat Hill thought he could get it out of him, I don't see why UW or WSU couldn't.

mattime03: A lot of people on here like Lobby, that's why I ask. Does he have decent arm strength?
FETTERS: 03 - He's got good arm strength, he's a big kid. But I think the reason why Lobbestael has been successful in football is that he's a winner. He knows how to win, he knows what it takes - whatever that might entail.

COUGFANcom: Everyone can keep chatting as long as they'd like, Brandon and Chris, thanks and just let everyone know when you're headed out --- and a big thanks to all the CF.C subscribers who made that chat so successful!
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