The Crimson Seer's <br> Pac-10 Picks: Week 10

WHAT DOES the Invisible Man have in common with Mickey Mouse? They're the Seer's special guests on this week's edition of ... <b><i>Pac-10 Picks</i></b>!


A tale of two coaches: Zona czar John Mackovic likes to put a tie on before some games; Beavo boss Dennis Erickson has been known to tie one on.

Some last minute Halloween costume ideas: Dress as Corsmellis QB Derek "Domino" Anderson's completion percentage…now that's scary! Or dress as the Mildcat running game, AKA the Invisible Man.

PICK: Beavers


Speaking of cross-dressing: Terrell Suggs shaves his body hair because it makes him feel faster. With that in mind, we're guessing that Andy Walter curls his lashes because it gives him better field vision and Shaun McDonald wears eye shadow to offset their ugly uniforms.

Note to Ira "Punchin' Judy" Davis and Adam "Take a" Holiday: Guns don't kill Rose Bowl hopes, stupid players do.

PICK: Cougars


"Everybody in the country will know about us now." Actual quote by Cardinal QB Chris "Long Distance" Lewis upon the hiring of Lil' Buddy Teevens to replace Smiley "South Bend Savior" Willingham as Farm boss.

Oregon is in the final stages of extending its agreement with The Walt Disney Company for continued use of the Donald Duck image as their official mascot. Unlikely, however, they'll reapply for the licensing of Mickey Mouse as their defensive mascot.

PICK: Ducks


Sure, Bruised and Goaded QB Cory Paus was bummed when he broke his ankle, but not half as bummed as the time he sprained his drinking elbow.

A four and four record, NCAA investigators still lingering, player dissension, Tyee rumblings, all in the wake of a mega-millions contract for the Slick One ... Babs must be going thru the Depends like nobody's business!

(Side note: As if this intriguing match up of mediocrity weren't enough to lure viewers into the TBS web, they for certain sure hooked me by scheduling an episode of CHiPs at Midnight! TBS: The Best Station!)

PICK: Huskies

3-2 (wide right on Cal and UO)


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