Does a Coug victory add up?

AND WE THOUGHT things were bad back in the 80s when <b>Keith Millard</b> decked the pizza delivery guy. Now the players are flooring each other. I guess they truly are the FIGHTIN' Cougars. It's hard to factor that kind of self-flagellation into the ol' <i>CF.C Super Computer</i> without it overheating, but we've given it a shot and come up with 17, somewhat schizophrenic numbers that we hope will add up to a Cougar victory over the Sun Devils.

The number of times Arizona State has beaten Washington State in years that end with a 2.

Number of plays it will take before hot-handed Andrew Walters tries to pick on fledgling Cougar corner Karl Paymah. Oh, right, these are supposed to be reasons why the Cougars will win.

As in the one-two punch of Ira Davis setting his teammates up for a fall. Oops, there we go again.

Number of Cougar receivers with more than 400 yards in catches coming into the game: Devard Darling, Mike Bush and Jerome Riley.

Since a 21-21 tie in 1986, each school has won four consecutive games against each other, then dropped the next four. Oh, Sun Devil fans, WSU beat you guys last year 28-16, so don't even think about a win until the next presidential election.

Number of Cougar players this season involved in some sort of conduct unbecoming incident. Damn, there we go again with the wrong angle on this game.

Number of INTs Jason David will end the season with. But who really needs a Pac-10 air theft crown when Ira Davis has a woman worth fighting for.

Points Cougars were favored to win by before the fists started flying.

Number of knockouts former Cougar offensive lineman, and 1956 Olympic heavyweight gold medalist, Pete Rademacher registered during his six-year pro boxing career. DOH! There we go again.

Cougs' ranking in the USA Today/ESPN coaches poll --- two spots lower than they were ranked in 1997 when they brought an unblemished record into the ASU game and left with the ol' tail between the legs. Oops, we've done it again.

 Margin of Cougars' victory in last year's battle with the Sun Devils.

Number of sacks given up by the Cougars this season --- the best record of protection in the Pac-10.

 The number of times Washington State has won seven games or more in a season. Also the number of pro ring wins racked up by Pete Rademacher from 1957-62.

Number of Cougar players hit by the flu bug in the last week. Oops again.

As in the 25th anniversary of WSU welcoming ASU into the Pac-10 in 1978 with a 51-26 upset on a warm evening in Spokane made even warmer by the handywork of Jack Thompson and Raleigh Fletcher.

Number of Cougars who have been in the starting line up this season due to injuries and suspensions.

Expected temperature in Martin Stadium at kickoff on Saturday.

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