LB with WSU offer takes in crimson experience

SPRING BALL IS also a time for recruiting, when a prospect can come to Pullman, take in a Washington State practice and get a chance to sit down for some quality time with the Cougar coaches. One such recent visitor to the Palouse was Darren Markle, a Gem State linebacker who came away singing the praises of Paul Wulff and his high energy WSU practice sessions.

Wulff sat down for well over an hour with Darren Markle and his parents when they came on an unofficial visit last week.

"I really liked coach Wulff a lot, and coach Ball who I probably talked to the most there," said Markle. "They just have great personalities and seem like really high energy coaches. At practice, they were out there energizing everybody...(my parents) loved it down there too especially since it's pretty close, it's only about a 5 1/2 hour drive."

Markle, (6-1, 230, 4.59) out of Meridian High, racked up over 100 tackles last season for Mountain View High. As a nationally recognized powerlifter, it wasn't a surprise he got along quite well with nationally recognized Cougar Director of Physical Development, Rob Oviatt.

"I was there from about 8 in the morning until about 5-6pm so it was a full day...The faculties there, they were spot on clean and perfectly nice there. And the weightlifting coach there is one of the top weightlifting instructors in the country and so it would be great, especially with my powerlifting background, to be able to train with him," said Markle.

Washington State was the first to offer Markle and they remain his lone scholie offer but he's also not in any hurry to make a decision, he said.

"Obviously Washington State since they offered me are probably up at the top because that's my first offer and I've been down there and I liked it. And obviously BSU and BYU, I like them a lot also because I've been able to visit them a lot," said Markle.

MARKLE, WHO WAS named to the all-camp team at the Badger/New Level Camp in Las Vegas earlier this month, said April plans include junior days at Oregon and California. He's also been hearing from Stanford and Oregon State.

"Stanford said they liked what they saw on film, how I ran really well and they really want me to come up for that NIKE camp. Oregon State, they just really want me to come down to their half day camp," said Markle.

WASHINGTON STATE likes Markle as an inside 'backer. At that spot last season as a junior, Markle racked up 107 tackles, six sacks, and another five tackles for loss.

His strength numbers include a power clean of 285, a squat of 550 and a bench press of 375. Last year he was the national powerlifting champion for the United State in his age class. Other personal bests include 24 reps with 225 pounds on the bar, 34 reps with 185.

There is a ton of video available for subscribers on his profile page.

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