WSU Road Trip to the Sweet 16

THE IDEA WAS born on Monday. About 24 hours later, four Washington State students had checked off all the items on a hastily put together to-do list, piled in the car and were bound for Charlotte to catch the Cougars in the Sweet 16. Mitch Frazier, Kyle Williams, Bryce Peters and Mitch Frazier submitted this diary entry of their journey for CF.C.

With help from President Elson Floyd, WSU alumni, and other WSU faculty and staff, we were able to pull this off. Shirt Shack in Pullman donated t-shirts reading "Road Trip to the Sweet Sixteen" and 3 B's Moving and Storage was kind enough to donate the car we're driving, a 2000 Mercury Sable. 
Tuesday, 4:07pm:  Deposit money into checking account for trip expenses. Receive an invitation from Coug alum "Bill," who we bought 2 tickets to the game from to attend a pregame tailgate in Charlotte.  He states that all the food and beverages are on him for the weekend since we have the dedication to drive cross-country for the game.

4:31pm:  On the road. Bryce at the helm, freaks out because Sheriff turned his lights on, only to pull car in front of him over just outside of Pullman.  Tank 1.  Fuel price: $3.49/gallon.

4:55pm:  Kyle called Dennis Patrick ESPN radio show to talk about the Cougs chances against UNC.  Call lasted all of 20 seconds before he lost reception.

6:32pm:  First snow.

6:55pm:  Kyle spotted 3 head of elk (no antlers).  He's becoming more useful than the first hour of the trip.

7:03pm:  Montana.  Kyle missed chance to take picture of Welcome to Montana sign. Useless again.

7:53pm:  Crossed Clark Fork River for the 5th time.

8:30pm:  Missoula.  Second tank of gas.  Fuel price: $3.19/gallon.

10:22pm:  Cross Continental Divide in Montana.  Marathon Man Bryce is driving.  Kyle still relatively useless sitting shotgun. He does however continue to play an appreciated eclectic mix of greatest hits from past to present.

Wednesday, 1:39am:  Billings.  3rd Tank.  Fuel price: $3.15/gallon.

11-12:30am:  Encountering a lot of snow crossing the Rockies.  Bryce white knuckling it, while Kyle complains about going below 75mph.  Mitch and Josh fast asleep.

3:08am:  Wyoming Border.  Kyle fails again to take picture of "Welcome to Wyoming" sign. 

4:45am:  Bryce hands the wheel over to Kyle.

5:45am:  Josh and Mitch wake up.  They christen themselves as the "Dream Team," and take over the driver and front passenger seats.

5:57am: South Dakota.  Dakota Buffalo everywhere.  Bryce possibly asleep for the rest of the trip.

6:02am:  Sight first trees in last 5 hours.  Become annoyed at red tint in the Interstate highway.

6:08am:  Spearfish, South Dakota.  4th tank. Fuel price: $3.29/gallon. Mitch takes over driving.

6:32am:  Kyle continues to talk too much, without saying anything.  Declared again to not be very useful.

6:53am:  Mile 1,000 is at Blackhawk, South Dakota! 

7:15am:  Note that Wall Drug billboards are more abundant than Clark Fork River crossings.

9:37am:  Crossed/Forged the Missouri River.

10:35am:  Mitchell, South Dakota.  5th tank. Fuel price $3.19/gallon.

10:45am:  Kyle opens laptop and starts homework.  We receive news that the snow is flying back home.  Parents continue to check in every few hours.  It's hard to sleep with a phone ringing all day and are they really helping us by calling so often. On cue,  Kyle complains of not being able to sleep.  Bryce didn't hear him, as he is out like a light.

11:59 am: KOMO4 News phone interview: Kyle talks for 4 minutes and sounded like a pro. He concludes the interview saying the Cougs need to dictate tempo and stay out of foul trouble and that they will be in the Elite 8.

12:33 pm: DJ Towing truck tries to run us off the road by moving into our lane. Mitch's defensive driving classes are finally paying off. Dream Team receives probationary driving sanctions for not anticipating collision.
Kyle Williams- Marketing Major
Bryce Peters- Finance Major
Josh Williams, (younger brother of Kyle)-Natural Resource Sciences Major
Mitch Frazier- Economics Major

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