Palouse unofficial planned for Yarnway

RUNNING BACK Dasarte Yarnway (6-0, 210, 4.5) finished his junior season with 1,410 yards rushing and 19 touchdowns. He attends the same Bay Area high school as did a Cougar receiving great now playing in the NFL. And an unofficial visit to the Palouse looks to soon be in the cards.

Dasarte Yarnway, rated a three-star running back by, hails from Sacred Heart Cathedral High School in San Francisco, Calif.

"Wide receiver Jason Hill played for my high school and went to Washington State and now he's back home playing for the 49ers. He walked the same path as me and came out of Washington State and got to the NFL and I like that."

Yarnway still plans to visit Washington State and Washington.

"Washington State was my first offer," he said. "Their coaches were actually just at my practice this week too."

With offers from WSU, Washington, Oregon, California and Arizona State, Yarnway says he now favors the Bears and Ducks. The Bears are recruiting Yarnway the hardest and are only 15 minutes away.

Also in the running are the Huskies, Cougars, Sun Devils and Georgia Tech. "I'm still open," he said. "I haven't seen everyone I want to see yet and Cal and Oregon are just up there because I hear from them the most and I probably know the most about them.

"They (the Bears) are pretty close," Yarnway said. "It's not going to make a big difference, but it's a blessing to have family close and having them being able to see me play would be great, so that definitely helps. I'm not against getting a little further away though..."

Yarnway likes to think of himself as a "unique" running back.

"People say that I have great balance and strength," Yarnway said. "My style is unique because I have great footwork, good speed and vision. I'm a downhill runner who will do it all for you. I run hard and can do a lot of little things well."

One thing that Yarnway says he's continuing to work on is his hands. "My catching has really been improving and that'll be just another facet to my game next year," he said. "I also want to improve my overall speed because you can never be too fast, especially in college. I run a 4.5 flat forty now, but that can still get better."

Yarnway, ranked as the No. 37 running back in the country by, also benches 320 pounds and squats an impressive 520. He also has remarkable athleticism and says he has a 41-inch vertical jump.

Just last season, Yarnway attended his first college football game at Cal. "I didn't really get into football until high school," he admitted. "Recruiting has really opened a lot of doors for me and it was just last season that I got a chance to go to my first game. It was a great experience."

Although he hasn't seen a game at Autzen Stadium, he did visit Oregon. "I'm being recruited by (defensive coordinator) Nick Aliotti," he said. "He's a good guy. I like how he really seems to get to know his recruits. He's from the Bay Area too and we have a lot in common. I like how he knew a lot about me even before I met him.

"He knew how I lost my father (in 2003 due to prostate cancer) and how I have five sisters," he said. "He just really did his homework."

While in Oregon, Yarnway decided to visit a few other schools as well. "I went to Oregon State too, but I was really interested in visiting some schools that I might be looking at if I weren't playing football. I just wanted to get some perspective. We probably went to about five or six smaller colleges."

Yarnway has already been busy traveling and even ventured out from the west coast and to the south to visit Georgia Tech. "They seem to really like me," he said. "I think they are probably close to offering me.

"I like Georgia Tech because they really make you feel comfortable and treat the players well," he said. "It feels away from the city, even though it's in the city. I also like the south. It's just a different culture down there. I love their hospitality."

Another reason for Yarnway visiting Georgia was because his cousin, Rennie Curran, is a linebacker for the Bulldogs. "He just tells me not to let it stress me out," he said. "I keep him updated on everything that's going on and he's been a big help."

While Yarnway may know a player who went to Washington State, he says he knows very little about Washington. "I don't know much about them," he admitted. "I watched them play a little last year and I like how hard they competed. They played USC hard and beat Cal, so I think they are up-and-coming.

"Coach Tyrone Willingham seems like a moral guy and has a passion," Yarnway said. "You can tell he's a passionate coach from the interviews he gives to the letters he writes."

Wherever Yarnway goes to college, he says he plans to major in business communications and possibly minor in journalism. "I'm looking for a school that has my major," he said. "I definitely want to get my degree. I want to be able to call it my second home and really get along with the coaches and players. I also want to compete and get a chance to showcase my talents."

One place where Yarnway plans to showcase his talents is at the upcoming Nike camp at Stanford on May 17. "I plan to prove myself at that camp," he said. "I want to be a four-star player, not just a three-star."

Besides being a four-star recruit, Yarnway has big expectations for his coming senior season and admits he's thought about pulling the trigger early. "Sometimes I think I'd like to get it over with early because I don't want recruitment to overshadow our team.

"But another part of me wants to get the whole experience and take all of my official visits because this only comes around once. I really don't know what I'm going to do."

Yarnway reports a 3.0 core GPA and is taking the SAT on June 7 and the ACT on June 14.

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