Wulff says Roof case not cut and dried

FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE ANDY ROOF's April run in with the law, Cougar head football coach Paul Wulff spoke Friday at some length about the case. And what he had to say paints a very different picture, one far less one-sided, than what has been reported to date.

"Everybody has heard the info through the media and it's not accurate. We have more insight that's not been reported," Wulff said Friday between holes at the annual King County Cougar Golf Classic at Newcastle.

Media reports have said a police investigation determined that Andy Roof was drinking and punched or shoved six people during an April 26 incident on campus. Also widely reported was that Pullman police said Roof was held in jail for several hours to sober up, that one man who suffered broken facial bones told police Roof allegedly punched him unprovoked, and that Roof had smashed a man's face into the sharp edge of a stop sign.

"If everything in the media were true, he would have been dismissed from the team immediately. There's a lot more to this story," said Wulff.

Wulff would not detail the facts of the case that have gone unreported, but over the last several weeks, Cougfan.com has learned from a variety of reliable sources that: 1) Roof was not drinking that night; 2) that the physical altercation was not instigated by Roof; and 3) that he asked police officers for a breathalyzer test but was refused.

Wulff would neither confirm nor deny that scenario but simply reiterated that the full story has not been told and that news reports have thus far been inaccurate.

Several calls in recent weeks by CF.C seeking comment from the Pullman Police Department went unreturned.

ROOF HAS BEEN suspended from the team and he remains suspended, said Wulff. He will not be participating in the Cougs' voluntary workouts when they begin in June and Wulff said Roof's outlook for the fall season hinges on what the University decides and whether the Whitman County prosecutor's office will file charges.

If the University doesn't take action and depending on what the prosecutor's office does, Wulff said Roof could play this season.

"If things pan out on that side, then yes, he will be in uniform this fall," said Wulff.

Pullman police submitted documents to the Whitman County prosecutor nearly four weeks ago -- on May 5 -- requesting that Roof be charged with one count of second-degree felony assault and five counts of fourth-degree gross misdemeanor assault but the prosecutor's office has yet to act.

ROOF, FROM SPOKANE would have been a fourth year junior last season but was suspended for one semester from Washington State following a series of legal and personal troubles. He had re-enrolled at WSU and rejoining the football team in January.

Roof, a former Cougar offensive lineman with five starts over in his WSU career and 18 games of experience, was moved to defensive line during spring ball. His starting and game participation totals would likely have been higher had he not missed five games combined in 2006-07 with a broken thumb and later a heel injury.

Despite having not lined up on the d-line since his high school days, Roof looked this spring to be picking up the position change to defensive tackle fairly quickly and at 6-5, 299 pounds, was one of the bigger bodies for the Cougars up front.

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