The Crimson Seer's <br> Pac-10 Picks: Week 12

GOD'S CHOSEN TEAM may be taking the weekend off, but that won't stop the Mystic One from revealing what Lady Fortuna has in store for the rest of the Pac!



Tis true, that 55 or so Smelly Cat players met with the UA president to voice complaints regarding their interim coach, John Mistakeovic, but over half of those players admit attending the meeting only because "we heard there'd be beer and chicks."


Crow-eating time: I received an email from down Berkeley way last summer predicting the G-Bears would win seven games this season. I replied by cautioning the author not to spill bong water on his keyboard.


Pick: Golden Bears



Toejam chief Pete Clairol initially thrilled to learn his Southern Gals were the only team to "beat" Oregon, according to Duck dean Pouting Mike Bellotti, but bummed upon learning it has no bearing on the BCS formula.


ASsU coach Drip Koetter felt the wrath of tortilla-tossing fans last weekend when he snubbed tradition by failing to introduce the 18 departing seniors prior to their final home game. Don't know what the big deal is, it's not like any of ‘em are really graduating.


Pick: Trojans




Years from now, this Dogged squad of underachievers will be known in Husky annals as "The Team that Beat Wyoming."


The Onterrio's sub-par performance on the Palouse last weekend proves, once again, that even cyborgs need tune-ups every 1,000 miles or so.


Pick: Ducks




How bad were things for Beavo QB DerWreck Anderson last weekend? So bad that Husky defenders were yelling "I'm open! I'm open!" every time he went back to pass.


Although Stumpford football has fallen on hard times, Cardinal fans are quick to point out the squash, fencing, and synchronized swimming programs "are kicking ass!"


Pick: Beavers 

Last week: 3-2 (fumbled on OSU and ASU) 

Year to date: 42-18

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