The Buzz Board is back!

We've awakened our Buzz Boardologist from his season-long stupor and asked him to once again fling his arrows o'er yonder football field to tell us who's hot, and who's not during the Coug's well-deserved bye week. Buzz Board
Who's up and who's down this week on Planet Coug

Old Buzz: When you think of Tacoma and WSU, sound the horn for the pipeline of great Cougars from Curtis High --- Levenseller, Hunter, Mobley, etc., etc.

New Buzz: Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, we love you. The mighty Rams are responsible for two big reasons why Ol' Wazzu is No. 3 in the BCS ratings: Center-supreme Tyler Hunt and all-world corner Marcus Trufant.

Blathering Is Rick Neuheisel for real? Belly-aching because Oregon now has a football budget that actually exceeds Almighty Washington's? Given that the UW --- traditionally the richest football program in the Pac-10 --- has effectively spent $3.2 million for each of its football wins this year, compared with $550,000 for lowly Ol' WSU, the Sweater Vest Kid would be better cleaning the seagull droppings off the dock at his Lake Washington estate rather trying to play Poor Richard.
Hosses Old Buzz: If the Cougar offensive line gets dinged up, this season of high expectations could come to a quick end.

New Buzz: Long live Fitt-Chappell, Mihlhauser and Holmes --- youngsters we once hoped would never see the light of anything but mop-up duty! You could throw an earthquake at the Cougar OL and they'd surf the tidal wave. A Hurricane? Hunt and Roche would be grabbing surfboards.

Big talk &
little wallets
This is actually a tidbit that appeared on the Buzz back in the dark ages when the losses were mounting, but it's even more applicable here in these salad days: For all the loyalty, fight and fury, turns out Cougar fans are dead last among Pac-10 and Big Ten schools when it comes to booster club membership and annual donations. As the old saying goes, it's time to put your money where your mouth is, folks.
Jim Sterk,
we think
Not sure if it was Jim or a combination of Jim and Mike Price, or perhaps even the great miscreant himself, Rick "The Pri_ _" Dickson, but whoever is responsible for crafting the Cougars' 2002 schedule is a genius, we say, a pure genius.
We admit it's a stretch to complain about anything these days, but in the interest balancing our arrows, we needed a downer so figured we harp on our five-year-old battle cry: The school's colors are CRIMSON and gray, not red and gray. The road unis are perfect, but home outfits have us seeing red, all red.
Penalties It's true, folks, the yellow hankies aren't flying like they usually do around Ol' Wazzu. Oh, sure, the Cougs still get their share of flags, but the Pumas aren't --- repeat aren't – setting the conference standard this year. They're right smack dab in the middle of the Pac with 78 for 698 yards. Three cheers for discipline!
Call us old sentimental softies if you must, but the likes of Hepburn & Tracy, Abbott & Costello, Bogey & Bacall, Batman & Robin --- even Peanut Butter & Jelly --- always give us reason to smile. But the latest entry into the pantheon of Dynamic Duos is cause to stand up and cheer. Jermaine Green and John Tippins have turned the Cougar backfield into the surest thing this side of Shaumbe Wright-Fair.
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