The Road to Tempe

FOR SUPERSTITIOUS REASONS, it scares the heck out of me to even broach the subject, but since many of the faithful seem interested in knowing exactly how it is that the Cougars could make it to the national championship game, I've drawn up a road map.

Follow this, and your concerns about who to root for and who not to cheer on this month shall be salved.

Suffice to say, the Cougar Road to Tempe requires a perfect alignment of stars and planets that concludes with a rematch against Ohio State on January 3.


1. The Cougars need to stick to their knitting, beating Washington and UCLA. No easy task. Alas, though, the bigger the margins of victory the better.

2. USC needs to win out vs. ASU, UCLA and Notre Dame. The higher the Trojans climb, the more our victory over them adds to our BCS tally.

3. Huskies and Ducks. Oregon needs to win out and the Dawgs need to lose out. Why? Because Oregon can climb back to a nice spot in the Top 25, thus aiding the Cougars for having beaten what the BCS considers a high-quality opponent. The Huskies aren't getting back into the Top 25 no matter what.

4. Ohio State needs to win out versus Illinois and Michigan. PLEASE! Don't hope for a Buckeye loss because that will diminish our BCS standing by virtue of the fact they beat us. We will follow them down the rankings if they lose. Let's replay our early season game on a neutral field, less the Archie Griffin jerseys and Wood Hayes bobble heads!

5. Iowa vs. Minnesota. Go Gophers. The Hawkeyes are breathing down our necks at 9-1, so a loss here is to our advantage.

6. Miami vs. Pitt, Syracuse, Virginia Tech. The Hurricanes must lose one. Heck, lose 'em all! Pitt is probably the most likely giant killer in the bunch. And I must say that our schedule, even with Montana State and Idaho, looks a might stronger than what the Canes have faced this season.

7. The Big 12. We need these guys to beat each other up. Oklahoma and Texas each need a loss to give us some level of comfort. Between them, there's a ton of football yet to be played, so the odds may be in our favor, especially in light of the fact somebody has to lose the conference championship game.

8. Too confusing? I'll make it simple. Root against Miami and any team with one loss (except the Cougs of course).

If all the stars and planets align, I'll see you next year in Tempe! Go COUGS!!! But more than anything, BEAT THE HUSKIES!

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