Will 19 be Weaver's lucky number?

THE NBA DRAFT takes place today and just about all the latest mock drafts from the media analysts show Kyle Weaver going in the second round. CF.C talked to Mike Hodges, Weaver's agent, to find out who has been showing the most interest of late, what kind of performances Weaver has turned in recently in front of NBA teams, and if Weaver might instead be a first round selection.

Hodges wasn't shy in commenting on the NBA's propensity towards assigning higher value to players who leave early to enter the draft. He noted Kyle Weaver's accomplishments include all-conference the past two years on both sides of the ball while being a driving force on Wazzu teams dancing in the NCAA Tourney two years running.

"I think too many teams are looking at the one and done wonders. They're drafting so much on potential because they're looking away from the 4-5 year work -- they should talk more about the pedigree. I don't think they understand what Kyle has done at Washington State," said Hodges.

He's also done quite a bit in the short time since graduating from Washington State.

"Talk about Gary Forbes or Mike Taylor, Kyle played against both of them in his workouts and he killed them," said Hodges. "I think Kyle is in that group with (Brandon) Rush, Courtney Lee...he has competed against and outplayed Brandon Rush in some places."

Rush is projected by ESPN to go at the No. 15 pick, Lee is forecast to be selected at No. 22. Taylor is projected to go in the second round at No. 42 while Forbes, said ESPN, was the talk of the NBA pre-draft in Orlando and had solidified his place as a legit second-round pick.

THE SONICS are one team that has shown a lot of late interest, with Weaver in Seattle twice for private workouts since his showing in Oakland 11 days ago where he displayed his wares in front of 17 NBA teams. Seattle holds the Nos. 4 and 24 picks in the first round.

Seattle also holds, barring draft day trades, the second pick in the second round at No. 32, plus the Nos. 46, 50 and 56 selections.

New Orleans, Utah, Portland, Charlotte and San Antonio are a few of the other teams bringing in Weaver recently for individual workouts with, said Hodges.

And the No. 19 slot in today's draft might be one to keep an eye on.

"The earliest I would say would be Cleveland with the 19th pick. And then depending on need and what trades happen, he could also go in the second round," said Hodges. "I think everyone is looking at Kyle as a potential long term NBA player, that he'll be in the league 10-15 years barring no major injury."

Weaver and Hodges will be at Weaver's house to watch the draft, which begins at 4:30 pm on Thursday on ESPN.

"I think this year is a lot different than other years with all the trades you're seeing taking place now," said Hodges. "Everybody has different draft boards this year, more based on need and not based (as much) on individual talent. It's a very deep draft."

As with all drafts, a big part in determining where Weaver is drafted is contingent on the draft day deals.

There are a number of scenarios where a team poised to pick Weaver could suddenly have a trade come to fruition and no longer have the same rookie needs. Conversely, a team could make a trade and suddenly find themselves with a glaring need for a player with Weaver's versatile skills set.

"A lot depends on what happens on top (of the draft) this year, some might be trading up or trading down," said Hodges.

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