The Buzz Board: Fightin' Blue Hens Edition

TWICE IN THE SAME MONTH. The Buzz, it seems, could once again be habit forming. With big ol' targets like Terrible Trevor, though, it's hard not to let the arrows fly.

And of course, how could the quiver not quiver with the notion of a new commissioner on tap for the Pac-10 ...

Komrade Mooney Former Coug TE would have made a great member of the Soviet apparatchik. In transferring to Delaware, this revisionist historian tells the local paper WSU is de-emphasizing the TE, thus his move to the Fightin' Blue Hens. And here we thought it was Mooney –- fourth-string coming out of spring ball and being asked to move to DE –- who was being de-emphasized. Come to think of it, Trevor, didn't you have more run-ins with the law than pass receptions?
Whitman County Sheriff's Office The new state law that you can't drive and talk on a cell phone at the same time has Boss Hogg and the boys over in Colfax livin' large. Heck, they must already have in place round-the-clock stakeouts for Xavier Hicks. Plus, news of Trevor "Chunks" Mooney's transfer to Delaware puts a skip in the step of the guys who detail the law enforcement vehicles.
Shadle Park High Old Buzz: Mark Rypien's alma mater.
New Buzz: A veritable baby factory for Ol' Wazzu. First, Anthony Brown becomes the second-earliest verbal commit in WSU hoops history -– pledging allegiance right after his sophomore year in 2006. Now 6-6, 220-pound tight end Aaron Dunn becomes the earliest verbal commit in WSU football history. Bad news for Shadle, though. Dunn is transferring to Mead.
Mike Levenseller Sure, he's been a big supporter of Jeshua Anderson's in the lad's Olympic bid, but ya gotta believe the ol' coach grabbed Gary Rogers and genuflected toward the heavens when their favorite receiver-turned-hurdler didn't make the U.S. team. Bring on the Cowboys!!!!
Deep Pockets Oregon has Nike. OSU has the potato salad and salsa dude. Stanford has the five guys who paid for everything. UW thinks it has the State Legislature. And Wazzu has ... Paul Allen ... but he's too busy with his yacht, which costs $20 million a year just to staff and operate. So where are the other deep pockets of the crimson nation? Come on millionaires among us. Have a heart and rename the stadium after yourself. It doesn't quite rank with Richie Sexson getting paid $14 million to hit .204, but's hiring of former Seattle P-I staffer Turd, er, Ted Miller to cover the Pac-10 is like putting Wally Walker in charge of an NBA franchise. Let thin-skinned incompetence rule!
Honolulu newspapers The 50th state is dying to get one of its own in the NBA, so Derrick Low can't tie his shoes with the Dallas Mavericks' summer team without a mention in the Advertiser or Star-Bulletin. Ya gotta love that home-town loyalty.
Tom Hansen Yes, the long-time Pac-10 commissioner's announcement that he's retiring soon should earn the old Husky alum an up arrow. But as Hunter S. Thompson said upon Dick Nixon's passing, so say we about the Commish: We'll beat him like a dog with mange every time we get a chance -- and be proud of it.
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