Forcier trims list to six

ONE OF THE NATION's top QB prospects, Tate Forcier rates four stars and the No. 12 prep quarterback prospect in the land. With 35 offers, he's now trimmed his list down to six. Multiple coaches at Washington State have been involved in recruiting the 6-1, 190-pounder out of San Diego. And Forcier is also close friends with one of the new Cougar wide receivers. Did Wazzu make his final six?

Tate Forcier, who has over 35 offers, recently cut his list to 10, and then nine, in recent weeks. Now only six remain.

"I've got five or six..I would say I have a solid six. I like Washington State, I like Florida, I like Penn State, I like Oregon, I like Michigan, I like Arizona State," said Forcier.

"I like Texas A&M too but Texas A&M is going to start a guy who is only a sophomore which (probably) means I'd have to sit for a while and so that's one of those I might push out."

FORCIER IS ADAMANT he has no frontrunner among the six. Not even a school that has by the slightest of margins just barely stood out half a millimeter more than the rest?

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FORCIER MIGHT not have had the chance to visit Pullman yet, but his brothers have.

Chris is a quarterback at UCLA while Jason, also a QB, is at Stanford. What they had to say about Wazzu on game day, Forcier likes.

"My brothers both have been up to Washington State and they said their fans--they've said of everywhere they've been in the Pac-10, their fans are by far the craziest. I guess they do all the research on whoever they're playing and then drill every player on the opposite team," said Forcier with a laugh.

FORCIER SAID HE's made a dedicated effort on his end to initiate calls to coaches with equal frequency, both from the beginning of the process and now that he's down to six.

"I talk to just about everybody the same. And I do that because I don't want to feel more of a bonding with a Michigan more than I do an Arizona I've talked to them the same so I get a feeling for all of them," said Forcier.

He spoke on Wednesday with the quarterbacks coaches at Florida and Michigan, and planned on calling Penn State but ran out of time. Although A&M starting a sophomore isn't a positive for Forcier, he said the fact Michigan already has two known quarterback verbal commitments this class -- Kevin Newsome (4 stars, No. 8 ranked in nation) and Shavodrick Beaver (4 stars, No. 25 ranked) -- is a different kettle of fish.

"The one thing that doesn't bother me is I was the first one they offered...They're still coming after me and who knows if Kevin will stay or Shavodrick will stay if I did go there," said Forcier. "That's one thing I truly do believe in, I don't think Michigan will get all three of us.

"They're both very athletic. But I think I'm also more developed as a quarterback than them. And athleticism catches up to you at the next level because everybody is athletic -- it's not like high school where you can just dominate because you're so athletic. In college, you're playing with all the top guys."

"No, I'm not going to give any school an edge (in my mind) over another until I visit every school that's in my Top 6. I've been to Penn State, I've been to Florida, I've been to Michigan and Oregon. But I haven't been to Washington State...I don't want to say this school is better than another when i don't know enough about Washington State because I haven't been there," said Forcier.

A visit to the Palouse probably won't come in the form of an unofficial this summer but instead be an official visit during the season. Forcier is home schooled, and he's already well into his senior year curriculum in addition to offseason workouts. The plan is to graduate from high school in December, enroll in college in January and join his new college teammates for spring ball.

WASHINGTON STATE head man Paul Wulff, offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Todd Sturdy and recruiting coordinator Rich Rasmussen have all been involved in Forcier's recruitment, and it doesn't stop there.

"I'm talking to all three of them plus coach (Travis) Niekamp. And I actually know (Cougar WR) Michael Vandenkolk -- I used to live in Carlsbad so I grew up with him, played with him in Pop Warner, invited him to my birthdays several times so we're pretty close," said Forcier.

Vandenkolk has been in touch to let Forcier know he'd, once again, like to be on the receiving end of his passes.

"He's working on me. He's trying to get me to come up to Washington State," laughed Forcier.

Forcier also has family up in the Evergreen State.

"I've heard a lot of great things about the school itself, everybody tells me it's a huge family environment and you feel part of a family. And that's something you want to have when you go to a school. Hearing that, it's definitely of interest for me, that's definitely attracted me to them," said Forcier.

THE COUGAR OFFENSE, a multiple set no-huddle attack, is also a draw for Forcier.

"And besides all of that, it's the offense that they run," said Forcier. "And then the opportunity that they have to come in and play (early). They're in the Pac-10 so you'll get to play against the USCs, the UCLAs, the Oregons. What more can you ask for? Talking to them about (the new offense) has actually been quite interesting. Because our team switched our offense to the no-huddle.

"And I love running a no-huddle because when the defense is tired, that's when you know you can attack, when those d-linemen have their hands on their hips, that's when you know you have 'em. When you run the no-huddle, that keeps them off balance and I think that's what the game is all about...they've got to be ready for it, and that's huge."

FORCIER SAID a spread or spread-hybrid type of offense is his preference over the pro-style attack, but he runs both at Scripps High and has no qualms about playing a pro set in college.

While it's fashionable these days to label a spread offense as one that doesn't translate as well for QBs going from college to the pros, Forcier isn't buying it.

"Look at Dennis Dixon, he made it. Look at Vince Young, he made it, look at Troy Smith, he made it...I think if you can play, you can play," said Forcier. " If you have the feel for the game, then you're going to go play professionally."

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