Harrowing images

THEY SAY SEEING is believing, but like most Coug fans,we're still reeling in disbelief after Washington's upset win in triple overtime over our beloved Washington State.

Washington State fan Ben Parsons, center, a freshman from South Dakota, cheers with his friend, Ben Goode, far left, at the start of the Apple Cup. (AP/Cheryl Hatch)

Coach Mike Price discusses a play with Jason Gesser during the first quarter. (AP Photo)

Adam Braidwood congratulates Jermaine Green after his touchdown in the second quarter. (AP/Kevin German)

Jason Gesser runs for yardage in the second quarter. (AP/Kevin German)

Sammy Moore catches a 67-yard touchdown pass in the second quarter. (AP/Kevin German)

Gesser talks to backup quarterback Matt Kegel as Kegel replaces him in the fourth quarter. (AP/Cheryl Hatch)

Gesser watches on crutches from the sideline after he was sacked and injured. (AP/Cheryl Hatch)

Price hangs his head late in the game. (AP/Cheryl Hatch)

Pat Bennett covers his eyes during the final moments of regulation play. (AP/Cheryl Hatch)

Washington wide receiver Paul Arnold runs for yardage past the Washington State defense setting up his own touchdown in the fourth quarter. (AP/Kevin German)

Washington coach Rick Neuheisel barely squeeked out a winning season for his Huskies after officials ruled the game over after triple overtime. (AP/Kevin German)

An unidentified security guard yells at Washington fans to clear the field. (AP/Kevin German)

An unidentified Washington State fan displays incredibly poor judgement and throws a bottle from the stands. (AP/Kevin German)

Husky dork Braxton Cleman shows his true, obnoxious colors on the field. (AP/Cheryl Hatch)

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