HURRICANE IKE HAS forced the kickoff for Washington State-Baylor to be moved up to 5:30 p.m. PT on Friday night. The game at Floyd Casey Stadium will be televised but there are some changes, such as who will broadcast it. A free webcast is also available. As for the Cougs, they won't leave until tomorrow, the day of the game, with a planned arrival about 4-5 hours ahead of kickoff.

All told, it could end up being a less than 24-hour trip to Baylor and back. "We're doing something that you don't ever like to do," WSU Director of Athletics Jim Sterk said.

The game will be televised, though it will not look like quite the same.

The game will be broadcast live by Fox College Sports and Fox Sports Southwest. FSN-Northwest, the local FSN affiliate for the state of Washington, will show it on tape-delay later on Friday night.

Cougar fans who want to see the game live and who do not have Fox College Sports or FSN-SW as part of their current package can check with their provider for details, (such as to see if other options are available such as an add-on sports package.)

There was confusion on whether the game would indeed be televised late Thursday afternoon. A Fox Sports Northwest spokesperson told CF.C the following on Thursday at 5:05 p.m and issued a press release.
The game will be broadcast live by FSN Southwest and FCS. Fox Sports Northwest will show a tape delay at 11 p.m. None of the broadcasts will be in HD. The broadcast will be as if you were in the stadium watching the video board, with the radio announcers calling play-by-play -- it will not look or sound like your normal broadcast.

A free webcast will also be available, and is slated to be streamed live on wsucougars.com. Game footage from Baylor's in-stadium video will be paired with audio from the Baylor network, the same as what will be on TV. The webcast will also be available on the official Baylor site.

Paul Wulff and Sterk said Thursday afternoon the Cougs couldn't get their charter moved up one day -- the biggest part of the travel challenge by far -- so they'll fly out of Pullman Friday morning for Texas. The Cougars will arrive appx. somewhere between 2-3 p.m., local time, and play the game about 4-5 hours later.

The Cougs plan on flying back home same night, though Wulff said it could end up 1-2 a.m. before WSU is able to fly out.

The Washington State practice today will likely be trimmed about 20 minutes with the planned contact portion of the practice now off the books, said Wulff.

The WSU equipment trucks and advance planning team that travels to all away games, headed by Shawn Deeds, and is on site well in advance of gameday, is already in Waco.

The majority of the FSN crew that was to work the game are from the Greater Houston area, where Ike is projected to hit hard. The WSU-BU game was originally scheduled for Saturday, a national FSN television audience and a 9:30 a.m. PT start.

Sterk said WSU looked for other charter possibilities, including contacting the Seattle Seahawks but they had sold their 757 before the 2007 season.

"The Athletics Director, Ian McCaw at Baylor and I had been in contact, especially over the last couple days here," said Sterk. "...Up until this morning we felt like we could still play on Saturday...I think Ian felt we could probably get the game in fine, maybe a little wind and rain towards the end, but then making sure we got out (okay) was an issue. And that was with a potential 10 a.m. start.

"(Friday) was not obviously ideal from our standpoint...the big issue is just trying to get a charter. We wanted to fly out Thursday night if we were going to play on Friday (but) that didn't occur."

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