11 Youthful Questions for Greg Trent

IT SEEMS LIKE yesterday when Will Derting's career came to an unexpected end and Greg Trent, a true freshman from a small Dallas suburb, was thrust into prime time. Today, it's Trent who is the elder statesman of the Cougar D. Like Derting, he hits like a freight train – a fact driven home in the season opener against Oklahoma State when he knocked a Cowboy return man back to the Jurassic era.

Greg Trent plays with infectious enthusiasm. It makes him a team leader on and off the field, and a feared presence to opposing offenses. He leads the Cougs in tackles, with 24 stops -- 3 1/2 for loss -- through four games. And with 259 career tackles, he's on pace to become one of the 10 most prolific tacklers in WSU history.

The File On
Fourth-year senior

Keller, Texas

Criminal Justice

5-11, 231.

Recently became just the 17th Cougar in history to post more than 250 career tackles.

All-Pac-10 honorable mention in 2007; Sporting News second-team Freshman All-American in 2005

Trent recently took time to answer a few questions from me -- a 15-year-old Cougar fan -- as part of a periodic column aimed at asking WSU players and coaches the questions adults don't seem to think of asking.

CF.C: What was it like playing with Will Derting early in your career?
Trent : "I was pretty excited because, coming in, I heard a lot about him. I knew that when I was coming in I could learn a lot from watching and listening to him. He was the man (for that defense) and I wanted to learn everything I could from him … I always try and have is his kind of intensity, and using that intensity when getting off the line, and getting off blocks. I've watched a lot of his old tapes and I try and learn from what he did."

CF.C: What Pac-10 team has the craziest fans?
Trent: "I'd have to say us. Like really, I think we've got the wildest fans."

CF.C: When you're playing do you feed off of their energy?
Trent : "Oh yeah, the crowd can definitely get you ready for the next snap. When you make a big play and the crowd goes wild, you're nothing but juiced up and ready for the next play."

CF.C: What has been the biggest hit of your career so far?
Trent : One that I can think of off the top of my head is the one against Jonathan Stewart on the goal line last year."

CF.C: What made you want to become a Cougar?
Trent : "After I checked it out on my visit, I saw it was kinda the same atmosphere (as home) ... it's small but it's a nice community, you know a nice little college town. There's not all those distractions like at big city schools, and it's just like college and school, and that's kinda what made me want to become a Cougar."


CF.C: As a freshman, when you played the USC team with Dwayne Jarrett, Reggie Bush, and Matt Leinart, how hard was it for you to try and contain that offense?
Trent : "In my view, because I was a freshman, everything is already pretty fast, so for me, yeah, I thought they were pretty tough to stop. Cause coming straight out of high school and running with these All-Americans, it's pretty challenging."

CF.C: How has the Cougar defense changed with the new coaches?
Trent : "Our schemes are a little bit different, we're mixing up the front a little bit."

CF.C: Describe the events that occur between the end of one play and the beginning of another.
Trent : "You're in control, you know no matter what, you control the start of the play and you control how you finish it, so I feel like if you can control what you do from the beginning to the end of the play then the end result will be good."

CF.C: When did you first realize that college football was a legitimate option for you?
Trent : "….I had my first scholarship offer from Wisconsin after my junior year and that's when I realized that I could really play in college."

CF.C: If you get the chance to play in the NFL is there one specific team you would like to play for?
Trent : "Well I'm a competitor so I hope I just get blessed with any opportunity, but my whole family is from Kansas City, Missouri, so I would love to play for the Chiefs."

CF.C: You're one of the primary leaders on this year's Cougar team. What's it like to have that responsibility?
Trent : "I feel honored that so many guys would look at me as a leader … it feels good."

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Hayden Eller, 15, is a tenth-grader attending the International School of Latvia after moving there with his family from Chelan a year ago. His addiction to crimson and gray started six years ago when he attended his first game at Martin Stadium, a Cougar win over Idaho. His father, Jeff, is a 1985 WSU graduate. Hayden has named his dog Butch, and is working to turn his little brother and mom into avid Coug fans.


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