BREAKING: Cougs stock up on California beef

INDEED, IT IS the "skill players" who are featured in the highlight clips but football games, as they say, are won and lost in the trenches. As detailed on CF.C, in prep offensive linemen, WSU's Paul Wulff looks for athleticism, drive and frames built for stacking on the beef. And "hands" down, the Cougs just landed an All-Southern Section CIF hoss out of California who fits the bill.

It's not that Quayshawn Buckley (6-4, 270) out of Ontario, Calif., half and hour outside L.A., isn't strong already -- he's all that and then some, says his prep coach. But he also has room to grow.

"He's a man among boys out there," said Anthony Rice. "Great motor, great instincts and he lives for football. WSU liked the fact that he had a motor and that his hands -- this kid has huge hands -- so I guess they feel he's probably going to grow even more."

BUCKLEY SAYS he was prepared for what he was going to say if the Cougars put a full ride on the table. Wazzu offered Thursday, and Buckley verballed about two seconds later. There were several reasons why, but also give an assist to the Cougs' Daniel Simmons, a former teammate and very close friend of Buckley's.

"My friend up there, Daniel Simmons, he told me all about how their program is, how they take care of you...he's like my big brother..and he told me all about their program," said Buckley. "They get you right, and they get you ready for the next level.

Buckley said in talking with the Cougar coaches, he felt they had strong interest in him not only as a college football player but also as a person -- and would best prepare him on and off the field for a career, football or otherwise, after his collegiate days.

"I wanted to be a Coug not just because of Daniel, also because coach Rice and all the coaches at my school said that WSU would (in that way) take care of me," said Buckley.

A STANDOUT HOOPS player at Colony as well, Buckley on the gridiron as a junior was All-Southern Section CIF as an offensive lineman. Heading into his senior campaign, he was named preseason All-Southern Section CIF as a defensive lineman.

Buckley at Colony also stars on the defensive line but his best position at the next level looks to be on the o-line. And that suits Buckley just fine.

"It doesn't matter. Whatever it takes to win it, I'll play," said Buckley.

Colony doesn't keep unofficial stats on their offensive linemen, such as pancake blocks, but Buckley said he's been going through the Mrs. Butterworth's this season.

"I'll get, I would say, six or seven of those a game," he said.

BUCKLEY SAID he had been seeing the most recent interest from Washington State, Oregon State, Colorado State and Idaho and that all four had offered. Other interest this recruiting season included Arizona State and Oregon.

He also noted that WSU often remarked during the course of this recruiting season on the size of his hands.

"They were always talking about how big my hands were," laughed Buckley.

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