Standout DE talks crimson visit

FROM THE SAME school as CougGreat Jason Hill, San Francisco defensive end prospect Kevin Greene was first offered by WSU this summer and then has watched his stock skyrocket over the last five months. Here's Greene's take on his trip out to the Palouse, his first official visit of the season.

DE Kevin Greene (6-3, 235)   
Sacred Heart High; San Francisco, CA

Gut reaction:
"That was my first official visit ever. I liked the small college town, everything pretty much revolved around the (football program)..another thing I liked, the academic aspects of Washington State," said Greene.

His take on Paul Wulff and the Cougar coaching staff:
"Coach Wulff and the whole coaching staff, they were completely honest. And they've only been there for 10 months -- and I thought, 'Ten months? That's brand new,' but it's not like they're going to come in and go straight back to the Rose Bowl this year, it's going to take a little while. It's a process," said Greene.

The impact this year's record will have on his decision:
"It does not have any impact...wins and losses (this year) do not have anything to do with my decision. People always say why would you want to go with Washington State when you have an offer from USC and I just tell them i want to give every school the same amount of interest and opportunity for me to be a part of their program," said Greene.

Mom's take:
Greene said his mother enjoyed the visit and that the Washington State football staff and academic staff "were able to answer all of my questions, as well as my mother's, with ease."

Any surprises?:
"The weather. Coming from California and the Bay Area, you really don't get too much rain...of course in college that's just one thing you have to get used to. That's why they make air conditioning and that's why they make jackets," said Greene.

Expectations, Cougar connections:
"I kind of thought Pullman was closer to Spokane. It's only about an hour and a half away, but it's out there in the country if you will, there's not a...huge downtown like I'm used to. At the same time, my friend just committed there and she gave me the rundown of how it would look. And I liked it, honestly. It would just take some getting used to coming from the Bay Area. Ki-Ki Moore (Ki-Shawna Moore) is my friend who just committed to the women's basketball team. Her and her mother have been really telling me to go check out Washington State and see what they have to offer...While I was up there, I had a chance to talk to the women's coach (June Daugherty) and she knew all about me," said Greene.

Player host:
"Zack Williams, I liked him...he introduced me to all the players and a lot of his friends that were athletes. He showed me a real good time and I'm glad I got a chance to meet him," said Greene.

Where he goes from here:
"I head out to Colorado this weekend. After that I believe I'll be going down to USC..and then I'm supposed to be going down to Oregon, I don't have a date yet on that...And then I'm debating on whether I should check out Arizona or Arizona State," said Greene.

The book on Greene:
Greene started out the year virtually unknown like Jason Hill but unlike Hill, other schools flocked to the basketball player turned gridiron standout soon after his first offer. He's since become one of the more sought prep defensive end prospects in the West.

Final thought:
"Honestly, nobody has the door closed on them at this point...the USC coach asked me if I was going to make a decision now, where would I go and I honestly told him 'Coach, I'm not sure.' Right now it's a very strong toss up between 'SC and Oregon. I told him I have to finish taking my trips, I have four more, and both of those programs are definitely in the four visits. And I told him right now I'm just looking forward to going down to USC and seeing what they have to offer," said Greene.

Kevin Greene profile and video

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