Hoss w/ some nasty gives WSU visit top marks

THE LEFT TACKLE, needing to protect the quarterback's blindside, is generally the best pass protector on the offensive line. One prep player the Cougs are targeting may be tailor made for the spot. He was in Pullman over the weekend and shares his thoughts on Washington State and the Apple Cup.

OT Evan Finkenberg (6-5, 255)   
Tesoro High; Las Flores, CA

Gut reaction:
"I liked it a lot. I got to see the Apple Cup and that was really cool to see all the enthusiasm around town. It's really a college town, all the coaches are super nice...I like the stadium, it feels like you're almost on the field. It was really fun and exciting to be out there," said Finkenberg.

Being out on the Palouse with his dad and getting to meet President Elson Floyd:
"My dad came up here with me. We all went out to dinner that night and we all actually got to meet the President of the college. You could just see that he was very nice -- he's very into the football program...and then with the coaches we got to talk to them about the game and where they see me in their football program," said Finkenberg.

His Apple Cup experience:
"I was down in the middle of the crowd and that was pretty sick. I was jumping around and hollering down there for like 10 minutes, it was really cool," said Finkenberg.

Where he goes from here:
"I told them I am very interested but am going to wait for a little while still, just kind of see what other things happen and then go from there. No other schools have offered me yet but UCLA, Arizona State and Boise State are talking to me a lot. I haven't set up any trips yet but I might go check out those schools," said Finkenberg.

The Finkenberg File
"They said it was my athleticism on the line and my attitude. They liked my footwork, my size and my frame -- that I can get a lot bigger. They felt like I had potential and they see a great (opportunity for me at WSU). They offered me about two weeks ago..at left tackle," said Finkenberg.

On whether he's done growing at 6-foot-5:
"My dad actually (continued to get taller) after he got married so I might not be done," said Finkenberg.

Getting "berry" blocks (pancakes) as they're called at Tesoro and on the upcoming playoff game:
"Mater Dei so that's going to be a pretty big game. It's been a really good season, I usually get about 3-4 'berry' blocks every game...I feel like it's a battle every game -- me versus that guy -- and I've pretty much been having my way most of the time. I just try to have a really mean demeanor, out power the guy and pretty much push him to the ground as hard as I can," said Finkenberg.

Evan Finkenberg profile and video

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