COMMENTARY: Yes, but is it on TV Lance?

WE HAVE A bone to pick with you, Mr. ESPN. All week long, the college football schedule on your official site has shown Saturday's Washington State-Hawaii game available on ESPN Game Plan PPV. It still does, even now on Saturday. But all indications point towards a different scenario, whereby the only way people outside Hawaii can see the game is via an online stream, and to pay for it.

Oh those feckless media thugs....


It's a shame WSU-Hawaii won't be on Game Plan, really. We're confident many a Cougar fan would be willing to shell out the $21.95 to be able to see the game even though -- and we're speaking from experience here having been a past Game Plan subscriber -- picture quality on Game Plan is poor and the vast majority of games are not broadcast in HD.

But that's all moot. Or, as some Huskies might say, all mute. (By the way, Mr. ESPN, Washington State has beaten the UW 4-of-the-last-5 years. Wasn't sure if you were aware of that. Thought we'd mention it).

A quick check of Cougar loyalists contacted by CF.C who use DirecTV and Dish Network satellite show all the games listed on the ESPN Game Plan schedule now displaying in their on-screen guides as of Friday save for one -- Washington State vs. Hawaii is nowhere to be found.

And newspaper accounts have stated the company broadcasting the WSU-Hawaii game does not distribute the feed via satellite. Well we don't know what any of that means, Mr. ESPN, but it sounds like you'd need that to be able broadcast the game on your family of TV networks.

It sure looks like, although many are still holding out hope 'cause you never know, maybe a miracle will happen, the only way one can watch the game on live TV is if you're in Hawaii. And I can tell you Mr. ESPN, based on the light snow and fog outside right now, fairly sure I'm not going to be seeing Magnum and T.C. jogging by anytime soon.

SO HOW CAN a Cougar view the game?

Well, Time Warner Oceanic Road Runner Warrior Online -- according to their website -- is making the game available as an online stream to anyone on the mainland, or the rest of the world outside of the state of Hawaii, regardless of your ISP. The cost is listed as $12.56.

Note that ordering the stream is only available in the 1 hour leading up to the game. Click to for all the details.

And that looks to be it. Wait, what about

The official ESPN site college football schedule continues to list as streaming the WSU-UH game, but the site does not any longer list it. It did up until yesterday, but no longer. So kudos! to you Mr., you're at least one less step behind.

It's too bad really, that doesn't look to be showing it -- we had this whole thing ready.

That there is no cost for (yay!) but not everyone can watch it (wha?) -- you have to have a specific Internet Service Provider. Because while generally all games on the ABC and ESPN family of networks are advertised as being available at, the majority of people online in the U.S. cannot access them on the web. Why?

Without getting into the whole "net neutrality" debate, the majority of ISP's, including the 29-plus million subscribers in the U.S. on Comcast, Roadrunner and AOL apparently, have not signed contracts with, assumedly because they don't want to pass on the expense to their customers and thereby increase their customer's bill.

So unless you use an Internet service provider that's contracted with ESPN, you're out of luck when it comes to watching anything on, though advertising promos seem to fail to mention that little nugget. Oh, I'm looking LIVE right 'atcha, Mr. Big Daddy Musberger!

But you know, that's if, Mr. ESPN, we were going to mention all that -- it doesn't look like it's going to be on either despite contradictory evidence on the official ESPN site so that's all pretty much, you know, moot. Oh fine. Yes, Dawg fans, it's a mute point. Nice catch.

  • Cougar fans can, however, watch the hoops team in action both today and tomorrow if you have the HDNet channel. The Cougs play Mississippi State Friday at 2:30 p.m. PT on HDNet. If the Cougs win, they play on Saturday at appx. 4:30 p.m. on HDNet. If they lose Friday vs. MSU, the Cougs will play at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday.

  • We assume the question of 'Are Friday's and Saturday's hoops games, on HDNet, going to be in HD, Lance?' is self explanatory...since the games are on HDNet. But for Huskies still reading along, yes, the two Cougar hoops games this week are indeed in HD.

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