Simone, one last time

ALTHOUGH GINO SIMONE thought he made plain a few days ago that he had finished the recruiting process and was WSU-bound, reports suggesting the contrary continue to pop up in cyberspace. Asked this morning if he wished to lend his view on the most recent report, the No. 1 overall rated recruit in the state of Washington had this to say; "I would love to comment on that," said Simone.

On if, as a report suggests, there is still an opening for the UW or any other school, and on if he'll still visit the UW or any other school:

"No," said Gino Simone. "My recruitment is over. I am going to Washington State. And that's it."

On recruiting rumors, the most recent ones and also those that popped up during the course of the past year.

"You know, it's a weird thing, this whole recruiting game. It's a pretty tricky deal. Like I said (in November), none of that, none of that, is coming from this household," said Simone.

On if his parents want, or wanted, him to stay closest to home rather than head to Washington State:

"You know my mom was (originally) biased towards UW just because she didn't want me to go away but she couldn't be happier for me with where I'm going -- to Pullman," said Simone. "Again, those rumors are not coming from this household.

What his dad thinks about him heading to Washington State:

"My dad's really fired up...When I made my decision, it wasn't just me making my decision," said Simone. "It was as a family. We talked about it. And WSU is the right place for me. That's where I'm going to go."

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